Distance MSc.IT Education in Punjab

Distance MSc.IT Education in Punjab

Distance MSc.IT Education in Punjab: MSc.IT is a 2-year full-time postgraduate degree program that provides in-depth knowledge of computer programming and software applications. The main objective of the course is to equip students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge using various level of applications, programs, software, data structure using advanced level technologies and principles. The course also includes exploring concepts of various programming languages ​​such as C ++, JAVA as well as software development, software creation, software manipulation and more. Students also get to explore algorithms, data management, analysis of technology, implementation of the latest. Functions, technologies and various networks which are an integral part of information technology.

In addition, the program covers various processes related to processing, developing, securing information to create software applications, programs, networks, and more. It equips students with strong analytical skills, critical thinking skills to train them for the rapidly emerging IT industry.

MSc.IT: What is it about?

After graduation, this is a very popular option amongst the students who want to build their career in the field of Information Technology.

  • This course provides knowledge about programming, database management, projects management, object-oriented programming (OOP), OS, etc.
  • Through this course, students will learn to solve various types of problems through computer programming and application designing.
  • MSc.IT Syllabus also covers many topics of cybersecurity. So, students also are trained in ethical hacking and hacking prevention.
  • The candidates are also given insights into data analysis and various techniques involved in data science.
  • As we all know, the future of the world lies in the IT sector, hence the future prospect of this degree is pretty bright.

Eligibility of Distance MSc.IT Education in Punjab

To apply for the Distance MSc.IT Education in Punjab, the candidate should fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria, as mentioned below.

  • Candidates should have passed graduation from a recognized university in a relevant discipline.
  • Some of the examples for relevant disciplines are BSc in IT/ CS, BCA, BE/ BTech in IT or CS, BCom with IT as a subject.
  • Though the minimum marks requirement criteria vary from university to university, most of the top universities demand a minimum of 50% marks in graduation.
  • Other eligibility criteria like the minimum age, etc. can vary depending on the institution. The candidate must confirm the eligibility criteria from the official website of the institute.
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Object Oriented Programming using Visual C++– Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, Introduction to Visual C++, Menu Environment, Text and Fonts Handling, Serialization and Message Handling Mechanism.
Web Technology Concepts– PHP, Flow control, Arrays, HTML and PHP Forms, String Manipulation, Writing functions, Managing data, Session control and Cookies, File Management System, XML, AJAX with PHP.
RDMS & Advanced Database Administration– SQL Server Programming tools, SQL Server Database, Data Integrity, Managing and Manipulating Data, SQL Server Locks, SQL Server Monitoring and Tuning, Backup and Restore, Database security.
OS and Network Management– Operating System tasks, Network OS, Introduction to Networks.


In case of many Institutes, once a student reaches 2nd semester of correspondence M.Sc. IT program, he/she will have to select a group and study the topics of the selected group. The common groups are- .Net and C#, Core Java, Graphics and Multimedia and the last one- Networking Fundamentals.

Linux Administration and Linux Networking–Linux basics and Shell programming, Linux System Administration, Linux System Configuration and Linux Networking.
E- Governance Applications and Services–Introduction to E- Governance, E- Governance Services, E- Governance Laws.
Geographical Information Systems– Data Display and Querying, Spatial Concepts, Map Analysis, Network Analysis, GPS (Global Positioning System), Remote Sensing and Uses of GIS.


Data Warehousing and Data Mining Applications– Data Warehouse, Data Marts, Online Analytical Transactional Process, ETL, Data Mining, Data Mining Techniques, WEKA Environment.
Advanced Software Engineering–  Object Oriented Design, Object Oriented Testing, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Analysis.
Mobile Computing–  Wireless Transmission, Medium Access Control, Mobile IP, Wireless IPs, Wireless Telecommunication Networks, Messaging Services, Mobile Transport Layer and Mobile Computing.

Specializations in Distance MSc.IT Education in Punjab

There are various specializations that come under Information Technology and here is a list of the major fields covered during correspondence MSc.IT:

Programming Languages
Programming languages ​​are an important part of information technology and while studying correspondence MSc IT, you will learn about many programming languages ​​that are necessary to understand and operate computer technologies and data. These computer languages ​​such as JAVA, JAVAscript, Python, C ++, etc. are an important element of software development.

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Computer Science Engineering
Computer science engineering is an important part of correspondence MSc.IT because it includes essential computing concepts such as algorithms, computer technology, programming languages, and various hardware and software designs. This includes topics such as digital circuits, artificial neural networks, embedded systems, and serial programming that are critical to the functioning of a wide variety of computing technologies.

Mechanical Engineering
The correspondence MSc.IT course will provide you with a basic knowledge of mechanical engineering as well as related subjects such as mathematics, applied engineering and physics. Mechanical engineering has various mathematical and operational concepts that are required to analyze programming languages ​​and formulas.

Networking Systems
Networking systems implement, plan and maintain computer networks and ensure the smooth operation of data, voice and wireless network services. Students learn about managing and managing computer networks during their MSc IT course which includes computer software, hardware, planning, implementation, protection, and coordination of data. The network system also plays a central role in managing network security measures.

Why pursue Distance MSc.IT Education in Punjab?

There are many benefits of pursuing MSc.IT, some of them are mentioned below.

Great Job opportunities- The IT sector has many jobs as it is one of the fastest growing industries. After MSc IT, top MNCs can serve in various roles such as software developer, IT analyst, maintenance engineer, application programmer etc.

Demand for the course is expected to increase in the future - The IT sector is expected to grow at a rate of 15% to 20% in the coming years. Therefore, industry related skills will also be useful in future.

Opportunities of working in different fields: After completing this course, candidates can not only get employed in IT sector, but they can also find very good jobs in finance, banking, data analytics and teaching fields.

Bright future scope - After this course, one can not only switch to many other fields, but also pursue further studies and Ph.D. Students can also work as researchers after the course is completed.

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Higher Salary- Due to different options and different roles of choice, one can get a good salary after completion of the course. The median MSc IT salary is around 3 LPA, but it may increase to 15 LPA.

Entrepreneurship- Many students choose to become an entrepreneur after completing the course, thus exploring the fields of management and administration.

Renowned Recruiters- Students with this degree have the opportunity to work for top IT firms such as TCS, Infosys, IBM, Accenture, etc.

How to get admission to a good college?

These are the few tips candidates should follow to get admitted to top correspondence MSc IT colleges.

  • For colleges offering direct admission, the candidate should focus on their graduation and score very good marks.
  • Though the minimum eligibility percentage required is 50%, the cutoff of the top institutes generally ranges between 80% to 85%.
  • For colleges offering admission through the entrance exam, candidates should prepare carefully for admission, solve previous year's question papers and revise all the subjects to get a good score.
  • The candidate should try to attempt at least 80% of the question paper. Only then they will be able to fetch safer ranks.

Distance MSc.IT Education in Punjab Future Scope

After completing the course, the candidate will have a large number of opportunities to start a professional career. As the IT industry is still growing, if they work hard, students will enjoy a fantastic career progression.

The government sector, as well as the private sector, provide jobs to students after completing the course. We have discussed some of the post-MSc IT career options below.

Research- Students can complete the course and join a reputed organization’s R&D department and work as a researcher.
Higher Education- Students can opt to pursue a Ph.D. after completion of this course.
IT Sector Jobs- After Distance MSc.IT Education in Punjab, students can work for various multinationals as a software developer, IT analyst, maintenance engineer, application programmer and many other roles.
Other Private Sectors- If anyone possesses the required skill, they can easily switch to industries like Analytics, Banking, and Teaching.
Government Sector Jobs- There are also many opportunities in government PSUs, many government departments for a Master in IT.
Entrepreneur- After completing the course one can explore the management and administration industry by starting their own company.

"Distance MSc.IT Education in Punjab"

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