Distance MA Education in Punjab

Distance MA Education in Punjab

Distance MA Education in Punjab: The full form of MA is Master of Arts. The Master of Arts is a post-graduation level course that is usually of two years duration. Candidates who have a bachelor's degree can only take an MA course. The distance MA is a specialized course in which candidates are offered in-depth knowledge of the discipline they have chosen. Candidates can do correspondence MA as a full-time course or even as a part-time course. MA courses are also offered by many colleges in correspondence or distance mode.

What is MA Course (Master of Arts)?

  • MA is the abbreviation of Master of Arts Degree. It is derived from the Latin word “Magister Artium”.
  • It is a 2 years duration course that prepares you to excel in the field in which you have done your graduation, which is mainly Arts, Humanities or Liberal Arts.
  • Correspondence MA course is usually done in a specific specialization such as English Literature, Education, Child Psychology, History, Political Science, Fine Arts, Hindi, Bengali, Gender Studies, and other Arts-related subjects.
  • The main objective of the correspondence MA course is to impart specific knowledge among students which helps them to gain expertise in that particular subject or domain and to form an important foundation for higher studies such as Ph.D. Or MPhil course.
  • A master's of arts degree enhances abilities and skills such as logical thinking, creative writing, analytical skills, communication skills, and basic research skills.
  • Students who are keen to pursue a career in non-science fields like administration, a political consultancy, and other major government departments usually follow the syllabus for a bright future ahead.

Eligibility Criteria of Distance MA Education in Punjab

Candidates applying for admission to the distance MA course must fit the eligibility criteria before applying. Candidates who are ineligible at any time of the admission process will be rejected and will not be entertained further. The following points are the eligibility criteria that the candidate has to fulfill.

  • Candidates should successfully complete their bachelor's degree (preferably art) in a minimum 3 or 4-year period with their equivalent (10 + 2 + 3 or 10 + 2 + 4). The bachelor's or master's degree must be from a university recognized by the UGC (University Grants Commission) of India.
  • The candidate needs to have a minimum of 55% aggregate at the graduation level. The cut-off varies from college to college.
  • Before applying, candidates studying a three-year degree program will be required to pass all subjects from the 1st to 4th semesters, while applicants who have pursued a four-year course will receive all from the 1st to 6th semesters. Must pass in subjects.
  • Candidates need to note that if the information given on the application is incorrect or is misleading at any point of the admission process, the candidate's admission will be canceled. Universities, institutions are also considered to be right to any legal action.
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Types of Distance MA Education in Punjab

The Master of Arts is a postgraduate degree that students must have completed in any specialization graduate from a recognized university and have scored a valid percentage of marks. There are various specializations under the Master of Arts and students can choose one to make a career out of it. If a student is interested in choosing a career that is based on a foreign language, such as Spanish, then he can opt for a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. After graduation, the student may pursue a Master of Arts in Spanish from a well-known university to strengthen the career base.

Admission Process of Distance MA Education in Punjab

There are two types of admission procedures for taking students to colleges. These procedures are admission through an entrance examination and direct entry through:

  • Entrance Examination: Entrance Examinations are conducted by respective colleges to take in students according to the performance on these Entrance Exams.
  • Direct Admission: Colleges take students through direct entry mode, where students are judged on the basis of marks obtained during the final graduation examination. Students have to give a personal interview where the college understands the dreams and interests of the student.

Why Study Distance MA Education in Punjab?

The perks of studying Distance MA Education in Punjab is mentioned below:

  • There is so much competition in the job market in India right now that having a master's degree actually helps in getting a higher-paying job than just a bachelor's degree.
  • The main learning outcome of the course is to provide a better understanding of the subject and gain deeper knowledge so that students can apply those skills and knowledge in the real world.
  • The teaching method is no longer just classroom training. Students are required to do project work in the form of internships and compulsory training to conduct research and submit well-written assignments and obtain related work experience, which subsequently helps to land a good job.
  • Students are also required to attend seminars and workshops as a part of their curriculum which enhances their academic and professional experience.
  • After completing the correspondence MA course, students can expect an average salary of around INR 3-6 LPA across various private sectors.
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MA Education Course Preparation Tips:

A candidate needs to have good skills and knowledge to qualify and graduate from this course. Some of the tips to help develop to excel in the course are given below

Learn the syllabus once enrolled in the course: The copy of the syllabus can be downloaded from the respective college website. Having a brief knowledge of the syllabus can help one to know the depth of the subject which is included in the course.

Read Reference Books: Reading a lot of reference books which are essential for the knowledge of the course and helps the student to have an effective usage of the ideas and concepts gained so that it would be a lot easier for the student at the exam time.

Practice makes perfect: Candidates should practice and revise all the concepts before the exam so that the stress doesn't make them feel like it would be a difficult task to be accomplished.

Distance MA Education in Punjab- Course Suitability

  • Master of Arts is a specialized program and is suited the best for those who want to master a discipline like some students who have a penchant for English will try to hone their mastery of English.
  • Those who really like to study for a longer period and those who want an additional degree in her profile should pursue a Master of Arts. If you are not satisfied with just a bachelor's degree or someone's academic aspiration without a master's degree is considered less worthy then you can pursue this program.
  • If someone is working then this course can also be done part-time. It is suited for graduates and working people with an aspiration for higher education.

How is the Master of Arts Course Beneficial?

  • Master of Arts Degree provides a strong academic background which is very essential for a bright career. It offers several good job opportunities throughout the world.
  • Academic pursuits are the status symbol and the tag of a Master’s Degree provides one the same in a corporate environment or otherwise.
  • MA distance course enables to pursue the doctoral program. Candidates successfully completed correspondence MA. Those who have completed the course can get excellent employment opportunities in various fields. They can work as a teacher in schools, colleges, and universities if they have approved certain eligibility criteria.
  • Those with a Master of Arts can pursue a career in various fields after successful completion of their course. They can hold high positions in the fields of Economy, History, Archeology, Education, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Relations, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Journalism, etc.
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Scope of Pursuing Distance MA Education in Punjab

There is a huge scope to do distance MA in any specialization. For example, students who have done correspondence MA will have a different viewpoint or advanced viewpoint on a particular subject.

A Master of Arts degree will give students a strong academic background that will be very useful for their career. It also provides good job opportunities to the students.

MA is like a gateway to a doctorate. Students who have pursued a masters may pursue a doctorate as one of the main eligibility criteria for studying doctoral programs is a students' master's degree.

Students can master or are interested in any field of their choice such as Economy, History, Archeology, Education, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Relations, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Journalism, etc.

Pursuing a master of arts course is like opening a door and finding yourself surrounded by opportunities in the field that a student wants to pursue a career. A master's degree helps students obtain more and better job opportunities.

Master of Arts Job Types

  • Business Consultant
  • Lobbyist/Organizer
  • Teacher & Lecturer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • labor-management Relations Specialist
  • Social Worker

"Distance MA Education in Punjab"

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