Distance BA Education in Punjab

Distance BA Education in Punjab

Distance BA Education in Punjab: Bachelor of Arts degree or correspondence BA The degree is an undergraduate academic degree typically awarded for a course or program in a branch of Liberal Arts, Sciences, or both. The Bachelor of Arts degree is one of the oldest and best-known degrees in the world. It is popularly called B.A. Which is an abbreviated form of Arts degree. The degree holder in the arts is known only as Bachelor of Arts / Arts. The Bachelor of Arts degree program typically lasts 3 to 4 years depending on the country. In India, the duration of a Bachelor of Arts degree is more than 3 years. A person with an Arts degree is required to study 5 subjects. Depending on the availability of options in different institutions, one can opt for a combination of subjects.

Arts students have the option to choose between a major and a minor in English, French, any other linguistics course, psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, religious studies, and many other fields. The course covers all related subjects for the field and provides rigorous training to the students. Students undergo a well-defined study program for their all-round development.

It is generally considered to be the easiest stream according to a large population and is generally seen below as compared to science and engineering streams. The reason behind this is that a person who has a Bachelor of Arts degree in a general non-scientific subject area. But the value of an arts degree can be gauged from the fact that it offers more chances of employment opportunities than any other stream. This is mainly because students pursuing engineering and science are limited to their respective fields whereas students pursuing arts are not limited to their specific fields, their scope of specialization is huge. Regarding the previous academic background and the individual choice and ability of the student towards a specific program, a suitable program exists for almost every candidate for this degree. Though it is a full-time degree course it can also be pursued via Distance Learning.

What is a BA (Bachelor of Arts)?

The full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts. BA is an extremely popular undergraduate course that students pursue right after their class 12th. Here are some important facts to know about the Bachelor of Arts:

  • Bachelor of Arts is usually of three years duration.
  • As part of a correspondence BA course, the students need to study five compulsory subjects along with few elective subjects.
  • These subjects vary depending on the discipline selected by candidates.
  • Candidates can pursue a BA course as a full-time course or even as a part-time course, correspondence course, or in a distance education mode.
  • BA courses are offered by colleges under various streams such as Design, Hospitality, Mass Communication, and Pure Humanities
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Distance BA Education in Punjab Eligibility

Students who have successfully passed their higher secondary examinations (10+2) from a recognized education board with a science, arts, or commerce stream can opt for a BA course. Some colleges and universities conduct entrance exams for students to be eligible for the course. While other colleges require students to have scored a minimum of 50% in their 12th exams.

Distance BA Education in Punjab Admission:

BA Admission is possible through both entrance examination and merit-based. Many universities offer both direct admission and entrance exam-based admission to the BA course. Candidates who are applying for the Bachelor of Arts program should have all the necessary documents before giving the entrance test, such as the 12th results and I.D verification.

Correspondence BA degree course applications are available either online from the University website or offline by visiting the Admissions Office of the university. Specific colleges and universities also admit students with exceptional performance in extra-curricular activities under the ECA and Sports Quota. Usually, 5% of seats are reserved under the ECA and Sports Quota. An interview would be conducted by some of the exams before admissions to check if the students have good communication skills.

Why Choose Distance BA Education in Punjab?

BA course is generally considered the most comfortable stream according to the broader populace and generally looked down upon as compared to Science and Engineering streams. This is basically because the BA course graduates don't have any exposure to the science field. But the intrinsic worth of a correspondence BA course can be gauged from the fact that it offers more avenues of employment opportunities than any other stream. Thus, the BA job scope is forever widening and appealing.

This is primarily because students with engineering and science backgrounds are limited to work in their specific fields, whereas students pursuing a BA course are not limited to their specific areas resulting in a vast job. With many numbers of specializations, the BA course is an all-around course. Concerning the previous academic background and the personal choice and the ability of the student towards a particular program, there exists an appropriate plan for almost every candidate opting for the distance BA course.

Although the BA course is primarily a full-time degree course, it can also be pursued via distance learning from many colleges and universities. Jobs and salaries of BA course graduates may vary depending on the specialization chosen by them as well as the education body in which they have pursued their distance BA degree course. After a correspondence BA course, an aspirant can also choose to pursue a Master of Arts in higher education.

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Who can and Who should pursue a Distance BA Education in Punjab

While it would be easy to say that anyone can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, it will not be easy to say how many excels in an arts degree course. It is one thing to complete a course and another thing to excel in it. Engineering and science degrees are the most popular and most followed. Parents often want their children to become doctors or engineers without realizing the potential of having their children. Furthermore, the amount of work and effort it takes to obtain a college or university degree is not even a fantasy for a high school student, unless one finds it in a college or university setting. It is important to know one's strengths and weaknesses. Some people are not just for science or maths. Arts degree is not just any degree. The amount of work and effort required for a Bachelor of Arts degree is approximately equal. While science students often spend time in the lab or classroom, art students spend the same amount of time attending lectures or working in the library or outside of school. One has to know his strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly. It would be a waste of time and effort to pursue an objective for which one does not strive wholeheartedly. If you are a person who excels in language courses, mathematics, critical thinking, art, or music, then the Arts degree is for you. If no one is sure that you can seek guidance from councilors or teachers at the high school level, then make sure that you are taking the appropriate course load to keep your options open or heading towards the right path in any degree or certificate Are what you want to achieve future.

BA Course Preparation Tips:

Prepare a timetable: Prepare a timetable for studying properly. Since different time has been allocated for different subjects to deal with many topics in the syllabus, it will be important to understand all the subjects and bring good marks.

Read and practice more: Being up to date with the syllabus every day is very important. Practicing and reading more will help the student to be thorough with the syllabus and do well in exams.

Improve vocabulary: Improvising the vocabulary is very much necessary as the BA course deal with a lot of writing and reading activities. So having excellent communication and writing skills are a plus for the student studying BA course.

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Revise methodically: Revising from time to time can be a key to score good marks in the final exam. Keep revising regularly and understand the subject properly. Revision is the key to scoring good marks.

Have intrinsic knowledge and interest in subjects: Having intrinsic knowledge about the subject and having the same amount of interest in the subject will keep the student exciting about the subject and to learn more than what's in the syllabus.

Advantages or Benefits of Distance BA Education in Punjab

  • The Bachelor of Arts is a flexible degree that allows students to match their academic interests with their career goals to create the ideal course.
  • Art provides a set of common, portable, and enduring skills for any career, such as researching an issue, presenting an argument, analyzing information, communicating clearly, and relating well to people's Capacity.
  • There are no compulsory units. Students choose from a wide selection of studies.
  • Bachelor of Arts is not limited in the way they can work relative to those with specific degrees. The employability of art graduates is a reflection of the skills acquired during their studies and this fact is widely accepted.
  • It develops communication, research, and analytical skills. For example, the ability to analyze tasks, set priorities, and communicate goals to others.
  • It offers a wide range of postgraduate options and career opportunities.

Distance BA Education in Punjab Career and Jobs

After completing the BA course, the candidates can do the MA course in the same course in which they have done their graduation. Candidates who want to pursue their careers as teachers can opt for a B.Ed course after completing a BA degree.

Apart from these options, the candidates are informed that after completing the BA course they are eligible to appear in the government examination.

However, aspirants can choose to leave the job after completing their BA course. Some popular job profiles that candidates can adopt after the BA course:

Content Writer: This job profile requires a person to do research on the Internet or even through offline sources and create original content for the medium and firm they are working on.
Social Worker: There is a need to identify someone in such a job profile and then people have to face problems.
Airhostess/ Flight Steward: In this job profile, one is involved in the aviation industry and is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of passengers aboard an aircraft. Apart from this, an air hostess/flight steward also serves the passengers for refreshments.

"Distance BA Education in Punjab"

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