Tiffin Services in Mohali for Boys & Girls PG | Homemade Food Delivery

Tiffin Services in Mohali for Boys & Girls PG | Homemade Food Delivery

Tiffin services in Mohali providers have repetitive menus and at times include food items that are often disliked. You either get irritated but somehow put up with the service or you end up ordering food from your neighbouring food joint which is not really healthy and an expensive affair.

At Mohali tiffin Services, you get to choose whatever you like for your next meal. The menu does not feel repetitive anymore and you have a tasty well balanced affordable meal anywhere in Mohali. We provide Tiffin Services to all the PG boys and girls and working professionals in Mohali.

Born with a mission to revolutionize eating habits, we believe in providing tiffins in Mohali that are healthy, homely and hygienic. These meals are perfect for people who are too busy to cook or don’t wish to compromise on nutrition with restaurant food. The menu, at Tiffin services in Mohali, comes in a variety of mouth-watering cuisines and nutritional options- a judicious mix of carbohydrates and proteins, low calorie content and no artificial flavours/preservatives.

The team at Mohali Tiffin services makes sure that the meals are not only healthy but also attractive to the eye and palette. We believe in giving surprises and breaking repetition, so our menu changes daily and features over 40 dishes that change every day. That includes a variety of vegetables, daal, soups, raita, rice, rotis, salads, and snack items. These are healthy, well-balanced meals cooked in rice bran/olive oil, which offers the right amount of protein along with necessary vitamins and minerals. The same food prepared in canteens or Udupi restaurants can be tasty, but is generally oily and big on your pocket.

Tiffin services in Mohali also offer different meal plans, such as, diabetic meals, low/medium calorie meals, and meals for those who want to put on weight. This means, you can make your own healthy tiffin or choose from 10-12 combo schemes.

Now, enjoy the tangy vegetable masala, homemade GajarHalwa, and life-changing Garlic Spinach and Chickpea soup.

Go on, order as you are.

Features of Tiffin services in Mohali:

  • Charges are according to kilometers and not according to units of delivery or weight of products.
  • Tailored delivery options for home made tiffin providers (home-entrepreneurs).
  • Delivery options are formulated according to the requirement of the product to be delivered
  • Trained and expert staffs for tiffin parcel deliveries
  • Enough manpower to back up in case of an emergency
  • COD- Cash on delivery feature is available. Here we collect cash from your side.
  • Parcel pick-up time as per your convenience.
  • Home Chefs can focus on their core business and leave the delivery to us.
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We are different because:

  • We are one of the bestest online customized tiffin services. So now you are not forced to eat the same boring menu which repeats after 7/15 days. You can design your own meal from a host of available options.
  • You can choose 4 varieties of rice dishes, 4 varieties of vegetables, 3-4 varieties of lentils, 4 varieties of salads and raiyats, 8 varieties of rotis, 3-4 varieties of snacks, 4-5 varieties of sandwiches. . It does not end here. You can also choose your extra accompaniments like pickles, chutneys and papad. Every day the menu is different!
  • You can order any combination as per your quantity requirements.
  • Just in case you do not want to take the pain of choosing your meals every day, we also have set meals like mini meals, big bites and jumbo feast at fixed prices. We ensure the quality as:
  • We Use rice bran oil which is high in MUFA and PUFA and low in saturated fat to keep your heart fit forever.
  • We do not use any kind of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • The food is cooked fresh and no pre cooked gravies are used.
  • Your food is machine packed in neat and clean disposable containers. No hands are used.

What We Offer in Mohali Tiffin Services

We offer Nutritious, tasty and delicious home-style food. We also have ‘Food on Demand’ where you can choose according to your taste and preferences. Apart from the healthy food, the best part is that we take care of the environment by using 100% food-grade reusable Tiffin boxes, which keeps the meal warm and fresh.We provide best vegetarian Indian meal options that are prepared by home chefs using fresh and finest ingredients. The meal plans are accessible on a subscription basis, and you can customize them according to your convenience and dietary preferences. This offer is available for all the PG girls and boys and also for working professionals

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Why Us for Tiffin Services in Mohali?

Even though you would love to have that fulfilling home cooked meal you enjoyed back in school days it's difficult to manage anything close to that with your busy schedule. What most of us end up eating is not really healthy and at times to our horror even unhygienic food, nutritious meals has become "out of sight, out of mind". It's very essential for you to get your daily nutrition - too less or too much is equally harmful, what your health demands is a well balanced and healthy tiffin service.

Affordable prices.

Customized lunch and dinner tiffin services in Mohali offers you services at very affordable prices. The food that you eat is healthy, yummy and affordable at the same time.

Fresh ingredients.

Everyday fresh vegetables of the best quality are procured to ensure that the food that you eat is good for your health.

Tasty Food.

Our experienced chefs makes sure that the food you eat has the perfect mix of spices. The food that you eat is not too spicy or too oily at the same time it’s very tasty.

Select your own menu.

You can choose your own menu with the help of our unique E-menu feature, because you deserve to eat what you like.

Disposable containers.

Food is packed in disposable plastic containers. All these containers are carefully packed in a disposable bag. This ensures that there are no chances of contamination.

No preservatives/ artificial color/pre-cooked gravies.

No artificial preservatives, colors or pre-cooked gravies to make the food look attractive and delicious. The food that you eat is just like the way food is cooked at home.

Experienced cooks.

Our cooks have more than a decade of experience in the feeding industry.

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Benefits of choosing Tiffin Services in Mohali

Compare the Tiffin Rates

Moreover, we compare the rates that these hotels or providers of Tiffin Service in Mohali offer. If we found their charges worthy to their delivered food then we qualify them and add in our top rated list of delicious food sources.

Easy and Quick Tiffin Delivery Service

All of the Tiffin sources available at our portal ensure to provide you pure and fresh food prepared with moderate spices and quality oil. Once you visit us and book your order it is delivered to you quickly and easily absolutely hot.

Healthy Food at Affordable Price

It is easy to order food online but to order healthy food is quite a difficult task, therefore we put a lot of good efforts to make it true and got success to get you the super delicious and healthy food through our Tiffin Service in Mohali at really cheap rates.

Ingredients Used

All of the ingredients like vegetables, daals, rice, oil and spices are used by brands; we have only top quality food farmers at our website who will offer online Tiffin Services in Mohali at reasonable price quickly. You do not need to wait for a long time. Just book your Tiffin in 1 minute and get it quickly.

"Tiffin Services in Mohali for Boys & Girls PG | Homemade Food Delivery"

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