PG for Boys in Mohali

We’re providing PG for Boys in Mohali that goes beyond providing just accommodation and safety. We listen and understand your needs and have built up our assumptions keeping you and your comfort as the top priority in our minds. The facilities and support offered by our staff are top class as we aim to make you feel comfortable.

We've built well-designed rooms that incorporate all the facilities needed to have a healthy student life. Each of our single, twin and triple sharing rooms are well equipped with clean beds, tables, chairs, and lockable cupboards. There is regular housekeeping to maintain cleanliness and reduce clutter.

Based in the beautiful city, we’re providing PG for Boys in Mohali that goes beyond providing just accommodation and safety. We aim to provide a living experience focusing on persons where color, caste, or religion do not form barriers to form bonds, learn, and live together in harmony.

The warm and friendly environment that we provide will make you feel at home. We will make you feel comfortable here and will always lend a helping hand whenever you need it.

Facilities you can avail in PG for Boys in Mohali:

  • Fully furnished AC rooms
  • Daily housekeeping
  • WiFi, TV
  • Lip-smacking Food
  • Parking space

PG for Boys in Mohali Provide Affordable PG Options

A paying Guest is a person who shares a furnished apartment with another person and pays rent for accommodation. The rent may or may not include meal services with accommodation. PG accommodations are generally preferred by students and bachelors who stay away from their families as it is less expensive as compared to a rented furnished flat. PG for Boys in Mohali offers accommodation to suit every budget.

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Benefits of PG for Boys in Mohali

Some of the benefits of PG for Boys in Mohali has are:

Affordability - People who rent an apartment have to spend on furniture, cooking utensils, and other kitchen requirements, pay utility bills, pay for domestic help, pay for food expenses, arrange for washing machine, Air conditioner, and refrigerator, and meet the expenses required for maintenance of the property. On changing the rented apartment, they have to bear the transportation cost to shift these amenities. Men who are not comfortable with cooking and doing household chores prefer living in paying guest accommodations where all these services are often included in the monthly rent paid. They will only have to make arrangements for food if it is not provided by the paying guest caretaker as the remaining services are taken care of by the caretaker. Paying guest accommodations are affordable as compared to a rented property as the operational costs and the property space is shared between a couple of people.

Suitable for Bachelors - Paying guest accommodation is preferred by bachelors who move to different cities for work and have to spend on their daily needs and save some part of their earnings for their families. Staying in affordable paying accommodations with food included in the rent helps bachelors save time and money. Some take up part-time jobs in the time saved to earn some extra money.

Security - Some of the necessary government guidelines like installation of CCTV camera(s) at the entrance gate, installation of firefighting equipment, clear display of emergency police helpline numbers, authorized security guard, availability of a caretaker or owner of PG accommodation, etc., ensures that the paying guests have a safe stay. Sharing space with people from different cultures and different walks of life enhances the living experience and helps people overcome the feeling of loneliness.

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Proximity - Men generally look for paying guest accommodations that have close proximity to their office, college, or workplace to save travel time and travel costs. In Mohali paying guest accommodation for men is mostly located at places that have the good social and civic infrastructure and have close proximity to commercial hubs and educational institutions.

Amenities - Working men staying away from families and boys moving to different cities for studies look for paying guest accommodations with amenities like a bed with mattress, cupboard, study table, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, Wi-Fi, TV with cable connection, laundry and room cleaning services, RO and water cooler.

Why choose PG for Boys in Mohali?

  • You will get a clean and tidy room with a pleasant environment
  • Food won’t be an issue as we serve home-made food better than local PG’s
  • You will get fully furnished rooms with DTH, WiFi, microwave, refrigerator, etc.
  • Daily housekeeping facilities are available
  • Not just this we organize fun nights almost every weekend.
  • Affordable - Clean - Homely - Secure - 24 Hours Security Guards - CCTV - Medicare.
  • Fully Furnished Shared AC Accommodation (Single Room, Twin Sharing Room & Triple Sharing Room).
  • 24x7 Maids For Cleaning / Assisting Resident Girls.
  • Attached Western Modern Bathrooms With Geysers, Mirrors In All Rooms.
  • AC Rooms (All Rooms With AC), Free WiFi & Power Backup
  • News Paper Delivery Available, Photocopy, Courier Facility Etc Available
  • Common Meeting Room on Ground Floor.

Why we are the Best PG for Boys in Mohali?

Rent: In PG, we have less rent as compared to the flat whereas the flat is costlier as they are more spacious Moreover, a flat is preferred by families and bachelors prefer paying guests as the cost is divided when we live in a group.

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Social Security: If you are living alone then it is preferred to live in a PG. In case of emergency, you are in safe hands. Also, you do not have to engage yourself in household chores and hence, you have more time for studies or other activities.

Facilities: In PG, we offer basic facilities like A.C., refrigerator, tv and etc. That means you do not have to spend money on purchasing the items. Also, PG will provide you the wifi, A.C., refrigerator, tv also which is missing in a flat. In the flat, you have to purchase the furniture and much more stuff.

Food: Most of the PG will provide you the breakfast and dinner which means there will be no hassle of cleaning and cooking whereas in the flat you have to hire a cook and this will increase your monthly expense.

Paying Bills: If you are staying in a PG, then you do not have to worry about the bills. It is included in the rent of PG whereas if you are staying in a flat then you have to pay your bills on your own.

"PG for Boys in Mohali"

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