Diploma in Computer Application in Mohali

Diploma in Computer Application in Mohali

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Diploma in Computer Application in Mohali: Diploma in Computer Application is a foundation course that is created for first-time computer users. This course will allow students, housewives and professionals from all fields to get a grasp on the fundamentals of IT. Diploma in Computer Application in Mohali is one of the best institutes to get a Diploma in Computer Application. Our teachers are well experienced and friendly teachers. Every Individual requires to know DCA for his day to day management of his office be it Engineer, Doctor, Scientist, Politician, Teachers, Professors and everybody else. In general speaking, this course is a must for each and every person planning to join or get associated with IT in any way.

In all sectors of the market, a computer programmer or operator is in high demand. They are used in shops to establish a database with their numbers, price, and quantity ratios for all products. In schools, the computer operators must sit behind the desk and manage the school's computer database, list all the students, information on the student’s fees, registration details, and all other students ' activities on the computer. To handle such large data, an effective computer operator is required. In offices, the computer operator takes care of the rear door and keeps information on the computer for employees. Computer benefits are many and a competent computer engineer is needed to facilitate computer tasks. That is why it has created a DCA degree, which provides computer-related knowledge in a short time.

Another benefit is that anybody is allowed to study this diploma course. After the completion of the DCA diploma course, you can have a number of career prospects and all sectors are open to you. This course transmits differentiation in the fields of Basics Computer Skills, MS Office Applications, Internet Basics, E-Business, Software Hacking & IT security, PC Assembly and Troubleshooting, Software Engineering.

What is a DCA Course?

Diploma in Computer Applications [DCA] is an undergraduate diploma course. This course helps the students to gain huge knowledge right from the basics of computer applications. All vital industries and firms which carry out the business need basic computer application which would be taught to the candidate. The diploma course can also be called as one of the fundamental courses. Diploma in Computer Applications is a course which is a foundation for the basic knowledge of computer science which is practical in educating students right from the basics about computer applications. Diploma in Computer Applications is a six to one-year diploma course to study computer applications in-depth knowledge.

The course transmits scientific, practical and technical knowledge to its learners about several computer tools that are used in day to day life. The candidate must pass the 10+2 or equivalent with aggregate marks of 50% from the acknowledged board of education. After getting a diploma in computer application and having a good grasp of the subject, one can either go for studies abroad in a related field or can get a satisfactory job in the areas like Accounting, Database Handling, Basic Computer Applications, Software Developer, Computer Operator, etc.

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Diploma in Computer Application Course – Eligibility Criteria

  • Students who wish to join this course should have completed 10+2 from the acknowledged Board of Education. If the candidate has chosen a computer as their main subject after the 10th then it would be an additional benefit when they opt for this course. No minimum cutoff is required for joining this course and anyone who completed the 10+2 is eligible for this course.
  • Candidates must have passed graduation or identical level (with Mathematics as a subject of study at 10+2 or graduation level) examination from a recognized university.
  • He/she must have attained at least 50% (relaxable for reserved category candidates) of the marks at graduation level.
  • He/She shall not be having any compartment in any of the subjects at graduation level that is yet to be cleared at the time of taking admissions.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned eligibility criteria’s various colleges/institutes may have their own additional criteria which the students would have to satisfy in order to take admission
  • In the case of reserved category students, they would have to present their reservation certificates issued by the capable authorities in order to avail of the benefits applicable to them.

DCA Course Details

The Diploma in Computer Course is a graduate-level course that has a duration of 6 months to one year. The Computer course examination is detained based on the student’s yearly performance in practicals. Direct admissions are available for every student with a certain age group which qualifies the colleges and universities criteria. The course fee difference according to the institutes, the average fee of the course is around 20,000-35000.

  • It’s a one year course or two-semester course mentioned according to the institutes
  • After graduating the salary scope is quite high, ranging between 2-3 lakhs.
  • The top fields of the DCA course are data handling, web designing, program developer, etc.


  • Computer Fundamentals, Computer Typing
  • Theory on Software, Hardware, Networking & Internetworking
  • Microsoft Windows Based Desktop Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Picture Manager, Project)
  • Productivity Product (Adobe Acrobat)
  • Connectivity (LAN, Wireless, Remote Access)
  • Internet (Browsing, E-Mail, Chat, Search Engines, download, Upload etc.)
  • Storage & Archive Services Scanning, Printing, Multimedia

Benefits of Joining the DCA Computer Course are

  • It saves a lot of time.
  • In a short duration of time, you can gain a basic knowledge of computer applications.
  • You can save lots of money because diplomas are not as expensive as degree programs.
  • You will learn what is related to the current industry in a short period of time.

Why pursue DCA?

A diploma in computer application can be an advantageous course to study for those who want to become a master in the subject in a shorter period of time. The following are a few more points to check why DCA can be a course of high quality.

  • To pursue DCA needs no special criteria to follow and anyone from any stream with a high school degree can register in this course.
  • Being a one year course, DCA can help in saving a lot of time by covering all the features of computer technology in just a year, yet making a student into an expert.
  • The course can cost a person a lot less than any degree course from a well-reputed institute and the program at the same time will not even make anybody feel lesser in terms of acquired qualification.
  • If interested in studying somewhere, one with a diploma in computer application can easily get an opportunity to go for bachelor's in the same or related subjects and then for masters as well.
  • Finding a job in sectors like banking, insurance, accounting, e-commerce marketing as well as in government organizations may not seem difficult for any diploma holder of this course.
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Scope of Diploma in Computer Application Course

The computer’s subject is what has made the application possible with a single click. Companies, various companies avidly set out to look for skilled candidates who can fulfill the technical role touchstone. On doing a Diploma in the Computer Application Course, candidates get displayed to not only theoretical knowledge but also more importantly on practical skills. They get the hands-on experience which is the need of the hour in today’s times. Candidates can get job roles of computer operators, developers, coders, etc. In the starting, they are provided salary in the Rs 3 LPA to Rs 6LPA. Later on, with experience and skills, more opportunities lash down in and they get a rise in salary as well. Interested candidates can pursue this course and choose advanced courses too. The options are many and the scope is expansive.

Career Prospects and Future Opportunities

Candidates get to work under several job roles on graduating from Diploma in Computer Application course. The job opportunities are described below:-

  • Higher Studies- Candidates can go for advanced courses as well. Since diploma courses are practically exhaustive, therefore higher studies in the domain can bring those skills under more application.
  • Web Designer- Candidates actively get the role of a web designer. They can get the job of designing the site, looking after its arrival, more. The web designer is responsible for amending the errors and silliness on the website. They ensure the smooth functioning of the program. The starting salary of a web designer minimum of Rs 25,000 per month.
  • C++ Developer- Candidates graduating from diploma in computer application course get admission as a programming language. A developer in C++ language gets the responsibility to code a program, test, and debug it. They repeatedly seek to make efficient programs for fast processing and better user experience. The starting salary of a web designer minimum of Rs 30,000 per month
  • Computer Operator and Back Office- The diploma operators in Computer Application get job opportunities such as computer operators. In this course, career options are professionals who manage the data: correction and management, etc. A person with good skills in the MS Office, communication skills, etc along with the diploma can apply for the Computer Operator Job. The starting salary of a computer operator is Rs 30,000/- and more.
  • Technology Service Analyst- In this job option, the diploma holders get the opportunity to work as a technical analyst. Their role is to analyze the system, management, etc. The minimum salary of the analyst Rs 25,000/- month.
  • Software Developer- A software developer looks after the testing, designing, installation, and overall management and maintenance. The starting salary of a software developer is around Rs 45,000/- and more.
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Salary Offered After Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)

There are many opportunities for DCA qualified students in both the government and private sectors and one can explore the job sectors by being sure to not receive less than INR 2 to 5 lakhs per annum.

Starting from networking & internetworking fields to the software designing industry, a DCA passout can get a job in any position like computer operator, software designer, and many more.

DCA Certificate

Certification in computer application pass out candidates can avail a good number of opportunities in terms of their career. One can opt to work as Trouble-shooter, System Analyzer, DBMS Manager, Network designer, Assistant programmer etc. To increase the skillset and work experience, one can also look for an internship with a good and reputed company during the course of their certification studies. This would offer an insight into the work culture in the industry to the student. To offer a comprehensive view of the career prospects of the course we have tabled certain areas and the respective roles attached to the same where students can look for in terms of their career after getting certification in Diploma in Computer Application.

DCA Future Scope

DCA jobs evolved as Software Developer, C++ Developer, Computer Operator and more, but the idea of studying further in the same field by going with a bachelor's and master's degree will not disappoint you in terms of career approach. Students can check out the following courses to study farther

  • Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Masters of Computer Application
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

Pursuing the above courses can be not only beneficial in terms of increasing more control over the subject but also will gain your career more by making you deserving adequate to earn higher pay in the same or a related field of study.

Why Join Us?

With a proper combination of Professional teaching, Technology, Live Projects and Placement Assurance, Diginet Infosystems stands out to be the most preferred institute to make a bright career. Diploma in Computer application in Mohali provides one of the best teachings. We had students who were from several backgrounds but had an interest in the technical field and were required to make their presence in a reputed organization. Our faculties are well experienced who always stay updated with the latest information for required training. With practical training, we make it easy to understand for a student to learn. Diginet Infosystems helps their students with real-time projects which can be in Java Project, ECE project, Android project, Matlab project, VLSI project and so on.

Diploma in Computer Application in Mohali offers 100% job assistance which is an essential factor for a student. After getting the required skills and knowledge in any course like Networking course, Animation course, Python course, Android course, Matlab course, VLSI course, MongoDB course or any other, a student will benefit in getting job assistance directly through our H.R.Department.

  • Discussing Technical Projects
  • Research works
  • Applications
  • Beneficial for one and all
  • Real-Time Projects
  • Industry Level Collaboration
  • Real-time application
  • Finishing School Experience
  • High-Quality Support
  • Industry-level are initiated at the institute level

"Diploma in Computer Application in Mohali"

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