Join advance Computer Basics Training in Mohali

Join advance Computer Basics Training in Mohali

Basic Computer Training InstituteJoin advance Computer Basics Training in Mohali: We are the leading education training course provider in Mohali for Basic Computers training. If you’re interested in improving your skills, best study material, looking to get the best individual attention, flexible class timings - then look no further!

Our experienced team at We Institute has coaching modules specially designed for candidates from various fields and organizational levels. We provide the best guidance, expert teacher, and great overall learning experience available at affordable prices in Mohali. We give stainless standards of teaching, skill improvement with enough theory classes, practical knowledge, additional practice, and sufficient revision sessions.

What are the computer basics?

A computer is a programmable machine designed to do arithmetic and logical operations automatically and succeeding on the input given by the user and provides the desired output after processing. Computer components are divided into two utmost groups namely hardware and software. Hardware is the tool itself and it connects devices such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. Software is a group of programs that make use of hardware for performing various functions.

This basic computer skills course will permit you to obtain an understanding of the most popular technologies used at home and in the workplace. You will become a computer seeker in this hands-on course while you learn to access, save, create, and manage documents, spreadsheets, and emails and use the Internet successfully. We clarify terminology and transmit best practice skills for productive and secure use of hardware and software. This course will permit you to become sociable with computers and Microsoft Windows while learning basic computer, mouse, and keyboard skills in an encouraging classroom environment.

Online Computer Knowledge is important for particular exam preparation. Computer Knowledge is one of the most essential parts of many competitive, campus, and entrance online tests.

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Basic Computers training essentially contains general knowledge of MS Office tools, Paintbrush, MS-DOS commands, and the Internet.

What are the modules we cover in basic computer training?

  1. Computer Basics: Normal model of computers, Digital and correspondent Computers, modernized digital computers, Major Components of a digital computer, hardware, software, middleware, freeware, firmware. Input/output Devices: Input Devices, Output Devices, and Plotters, Printers, Other forms of Output devices, and Output Input port.
  2. Number System: Binary Number System, Decimal Number System, conversion of numbers(binary to decimal, decimal to binary), Addition of Binary Numbers, Binary Subtraction, Binary Multiplication, 1’s complement and 2’s complement representation of numbers, Binary Division, Hexadecimal and octal number system.
  3. Logic Circuits: Switching circuits, NOT operations, AND/OR operations, Boolean Functions, Canonical Forms of Boolean Functions, Logic circuits.
  4. Processor:, Structure of Instruction, CPU organization, A machine level language Computer Memory: Read-only memory, Main memory, Secondary memory: Serial Access memory, Magnetic hard disk, Floppy disk Drives, Compact Disk Read Only Memory, Magnetic tape Drives.
  5. Computer Languages: Introduction to Interpreter and compiler, Programming Language, Assembly Language, Higher Level Languages Operating System: Batch operating system, multiprogramming, Need of an OS, Operating system, personal computer Operating system, Time sharing Operating System, on-line and real-time system. Computers and Communications: Computer Generations.
  6. Types of communications with and among computers, internet and world wide web, characteristics of communication channels, Physical Communication Model, Computer Network topologies, Local Area Network.

Benefits of Computer Basics Training in Mohali

The benefits of taking a computer course are many and just the way a student needs to do with his education, he will likely find that many benefits come with his rising knowledge. Today, computers are used in more circumstances and for more functions than ever before, and their use is only expected to boost. Knowing the inner workings of a personal computer will certainly save the user’s time, and reduce his stress when he is forced to interchange with a computer at work, or in a casual setting. Knowing the many uses of computers and how to gain them consistently is an expensive skill in today’s world.

Even if a person has no want to investigate the increasing number of employment chances that are valid skilled computer users, understanding the functions of a home computer can make life easier and more interesting. People with basic computer knowledge can store and classify photographs and music, play games, create art why, watch movies, interact with friends, manage their personal finances, and perform many other important and unimportant tasks using their home computer. The list of functions of the modern computer only increases with time and people without the knowledge of the many things that they can do with a computer might be surprised at how easily all of this and more can be managed.

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Increased computer skills may help people do the job they already have faster and more effectively, allowing them to get promotions and raises. They may even learn how to utilize a computer for the search for further jobs, through online job postings. They can find ways to increase their income by completing basic computer tasks for other people and companies. Or they can find a different way to do some or all of the tasks of their present job from their home computer, saving them time and money involved in moderation. The possibilities are almost unlimited and a person only wants to enroll in their first computer course to start learning what can be skilled on a simple home PC.

Who can Join our Computer Basics Training?

For adults who shortage familiarity with computers, life in the future can be a challenge. That’s because technology is modernizing in almost every aspect of our lives.

Being able to utilize a word processor is needed for students and working professionals because formal assignments and written reports must be typed. Referencing and research that used to be done in a library is presently largely undertaken via online searches of the worldwide web.

Our training centre is almost for everyone including 14 yrs above students, married women, office men, college students etc.

Thankfully, adult basic skills courses exist to help learners reach the tech-fluency they need to feel more comfortable using computers and many local libraries and community centers offer free introductory programs too.

There are two forms educators typically focus on: one is developing simplicity with the hardware of a computer – monitor, mouse, keyboard, USB memory stick, etc. – and the other is forming an understanding of how different types of software work – including using Microsoft Windows or a Mac Operating System to navigate Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Why to choose us for computer basics training in Mohali?

Interactive Teaching

We make an effort to maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio and boost learning with focused, interactive, and instructor-led hands-on training. We believe that by making training interactive, learners can solve their problems in a better manner and learn much more.

Companywide IT Training Solutions

We not only offer computer basics training for students and learners but also offer corporate training for organizations. These training modules are made by our industry experts and are customized as per the requests of the organizations. We can easily make bespoke training modules that can be set into the organization’s particular needs.


Our course fees are highly flexible and learners can take regular or fast track course modes. We always take care of our students and customers and modernize courses that meet the current demands of the industry through a wide range of creative teaching methods. We believe in offering flexible learning chances that can easily fit in our learners’ time table and commitments.

Occupational Competence

We possess a team of industry professionals who have obtained years of experience working on live projects and development. Their passion for study, learner-focused point of view, and their industry expertise give learners an inspirational learning experience and an understanding of industry tradition.

Along with the exceptional academic facilities, our institute also has a strong team of administration staff, who ensure that your training sessions run smoothly and you get all the things that you need consistently.

100% Job Placement Assistance

Studying computer basics oriented courses would be a waste of time if you do not get a job opportunity where you can use your learned skills and earn handsome salaries. We understand this and thus, guarantee that each & every student of our training center gets 100% job placement assistance. We strive hard to place our students in the right organizations and our focus is always on giving not just training but a full-fledged career.

"Join advance Computer Basics Training in Mohali"

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