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6 Months Industrial Training in Mohali

6 Months Industrial Training in Mohali Provided by Tech, the Best Industrial teaching Institute for B.Tech/M.tech B.Sc./M.Sc./CS/CSE/IT/BCA/MCA/ BE engineering students. Enroll for Six Months/Weeks Industrial Training specifically curated for now B.Sc/M.Sc/ CS/CSE/IT B.Tech/M.Tech/BE/ BCA/MCA/ Engineering Students.

Courses we are Offering:

PHP Industrial Training

Web Designing Industrial Training

SEO Industrial Training

PPC Industrial Training

Digital Marketing Industrial Training

HR Training Industrial Training

IT industry is among the growing and updated sectors in market constantly. Project based six months industrial program is designed for college students and working experts from numerous backgrounds to excel the huge domain of IT marketplace. The major cause of necessity of half a year industrial training of engineering college students is they are well ready for the organization job. Job Oriented Six months Industrial Training/Teaching exposes learners to the operating atmosphere in the market and at exactly the same time raises their self-confidence. In addition, it cultivates students’ leadership capability and responsibility to execute or execute the provided task. Half a year industrial training also allows students to grasp the theories studied with an increase of features and practical practice within a genuine job scenario. “Our Best Training Institute” the very best Industrial Training in Mohali for B.Tech, M.Tech and MCA students provides six months Industrial training in new and most recent technologies with a mixture of theory along with practical classes.

6 Months PHP Industrial Training in Mohali


Basic level PHP syllabus for beginners covers: HTML, CSS, Java Script etc.

Launch to HTML
Creating Forms
Creating tables
Managing website

Introduction to CSS
Three ways to use CSS
CSS Properties
Designing website
Dealing with Templates

Intro to JavaScript
3 ways to use JavaScript
Working with events
Client-side Validation

Launch to AJAX
Dealing with database


PHP syllabus Includes:

Launch TO PHP
PHP Intro
PHP Install
PHP Syntax
PHP Variables
PHP Echo / Print
PHP Data Types
PHP Strings
PHP Constants
PHP Operators


PHP Form Handling
PHP Form Validation
PHP Form Required
PHP Form Web address/E-mail
PHP Form Complete

LOOP and decisions

Making Decisions
Doing Repetitive job with looping
Mixing Decisions and looping with Html
PHP If…Else…Elseif
PHP Switch
PHP While Loops
PHP For Loops


Exactly what is a function
Determine a function
Call by value and Call by reference
Recursive function


Creating and accessing String
Searching & Updating String
Formatting String
String Related Library function


Anatomy of a wide range
Creating index Associative and structured array
Accessing array Element
Looping with Index based array
Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()
Some useful Library function


Understanding document& directory
Opening and shutting a file
Coping ,deleting and renaming a document
Working with directories
Creating a text editor
Document Uploading & Downloading


Using query string(URL rewriting)
Using Concealed field
Using cookies
Using session


What’s regular expression
Pattern matching in Php
Replacing text
Splitting a string with a normal Expression


Introduction to RDBMS
Reference to MySql Database
Performing basic database operation(DML) (Place, Delete, Update, Choose)
Establishing query parameter
Join (Mix joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Personal joins.)

6 Months Web Designing Industrial Training


Part 1 – Creating Website

WEBSITE NAME Registration
Studying Web Server Space
Learning cPanel, FTP
Part 2 – Posting Website


Creating website using Text message Editor
Understanding Layouts
Div and table Layouts
Cascade Style Sheet (CSS)
Design HTML Tags
IDs and classes
Javascript introduction
Javascript Frameworks Bootstrap and Jquery

Part 3- Open up Source

WordPress Installation
Pages and posts
Using Media
User Management
Themes Configuration and Installation
Menu Management
Plugin Configuration and Installation
Site setting
User Manager
Website Maintenance
Upgrading WordPress
Restoring and backup Site
WordPress Security
Spam control
Prestashop, woocommerce, virtuemart, zencart, oscommerce
Opencart Versions
Opencart Installation
Category and products
Store Settings
Geo zones
Payment and currency
Shipping Methods
Themes Customization
User Management
Integrating Payment Gateway

Part 4- Website Promotion

On web page SEO

6 Months SEO Industrial Training

What is a SEO Syllabus

It means full SEO course syllabus which gives an outline or overview of the entire course. SEO syllabus tells students what they will be learning in search engine optimization through the whole course. In addition, it tells them the process of learning including the timeline; how the search engine optimization course was created and arranged; as well as the steps & routine of learning.

Why students need SEO Course Syllabus

Students can know which all modules are there in the course which tells them the coverage of the course. The syllabus also lists out the various chapters or lessons of the SEO course which tells students exactly which topics they will be learning. A course syllabus helps students in knowing more about how best to learn SEO.

If you are an SEO professional and are looking for an advanced & complete SEO course to gain SEO knowledge, learn proven SEO techniques and advance in your career then their syllabus is the first thing you need to look. From there only you will know what that course actually teaches.

SEO course syllabus is a very important aspect of the course. It is needed so that students can have the initial knowledge of the course. Students generally look for best of SEO courses and institutes in their own metropolitan areas e.g. Delhi or Mumbai. Syllabi of any best SEO course in Delhi or a good SEO course available in Mumbai can help students do a primary assessment of the course and helps them to do the original level evaluation of different programs.

Students can read the SEO syllabus to find out how good that SEO course is and what all it covers.

SEO syllabus lets you know what the course teaches
A syllabus is a summary of the course. Therefore, syllabus is simply as good as the course itself. Syllabus also tells you the actual course will teach you in SEO. When you look at the syllabus of our professional level complete course on SEO then you should understand from the course details why it is the best and complete course for SEO experts. Similarly, when you go through the syllabus content of our other classes whether it is our SEO beginners course, or our basic SEO course one can know from its list of chapters that it is a basic level course which is good for beginners, and is not meant for working specialists who already are doing SEO.

SEO course content put together – List of Chapters

Section 1 – Intro to SEO

Chapter 1 – What is SEO

Section 2 – SEO as Career

Section 2 – Why Learn SEO

Chapter 3 – SEO Career options and best way to begin your Career

Section 3 – Understanding the SEO Background

Section 4 – Search Engines and exactly how they work

Chapter 5 – Google algorithms as rule book

Section 6 – Major Google algorithms

Section 4 – Start Learning How to do SEO

Chapter 7 – Google Accounts SETUP

Section 8 – Ready Website for Indexing

Chapter 9 – Submit Site to Search Engines

Section 10 – 5 Ways to get web pages Ranked without Indexing

Chapter 11 – Website Factors for SEO

Section 12 – Launch to Techie SEO

Chapter 13 – Checklist of Technical SEO Techniques to Follow

Section 14 – How exactly to do Complex SEO Optimization

Chapter 15 – Keyword Research

Section 16 – Keywords and their Importance

Chapter 17 – Long Tail Keywords and their Importance

Section 18 – LSI Keywords

Chapter 19 – Introduction to On Page SEO

Section 20 – Checklist of On Web page SEO Optimization to Follow

Chapter 21 – How to do On Page SEO

Section 22 – What are Backlinks

Chapter 23 – What’s Link Building

Section 24 – Off Web page and LINK CONSTRUCTING Techniques

Chapter 25 – Local SEO and how to Optimize and Rank

SEO Course syllabus – Chapter-wise details

Section 1 – What is SEO

What it shows – This chapter is about the basics of search engine marketing. It tells what is search engine and its definition, what it does and how it works. Before starting to learn it one needs to understand how it works and just why we do it.

Chapter 2 – Why Learn SEO

What it teaches – This section introduces you to the facet of search engine optimization as a career option. What you need to know to start a profession in SEO is covered in this chapter.

Section 3 – SEO Profession options and easiest way to begin your Career

What it shows – This section takes the career aspect of search engine marketing further and lets you know the types of jobs you can go for to start your career. We tell you what skills and certification you may need for this profession and also we guide you on how best you could start your career.

Chapter 4 – SEO’S and how they work

What it teaches – Search engines are the most important aspect of SEO perhaps. You need to know what are search engines what they do. This chapter tells you how seo’s work as they have a process and through this process only every website is signed up and categorized so that it becomes visible to searchers and appears in search results.

Section 5 – Google algorithms as guideline book

What it shows – Google algorithms or Google algorithm updates are the words you will keep hearing and reading all throughout your career and they are important to understand. This section will educate you on what are these algorithms, why were they created, what they do and why are these so important.

Chapter 6 – Major Google algorithms

What it teaches – When you understand what algorithms are then you also need to know that are they. Which will be the major algorithms that Google has released so far. This chapter lists out the major Google algorithms that is there and also what each of these algorithms do. Know why each one of these algorithms were created, what were their objectives and what they do.

Section 7 – Google Accounts CREATE

What it shows – This is the first step that we do or we check for when we start doing SEO for any website. Google accounts are very important to do search engine optimization as they keep an eye on all the important aspects of your website and its own SEO actions. This chapters lets you know how to generate and operate Google search system account and Google Analytics accounts.

Chapter 8 – Ready Website for Indexing

What it teaches – This section is about the key step which we have to do before we start doing SEO. This is actually the set of steps which ideally should be done before we make our websites available to search engines to read and categorize. Read about the steps that you should before you submit your website for indexing.

Section 9 – Submit Site to find Engines

What it shows – Unless se’s know that your website exists and what all it talks about, how can they show it the users and how do it appear in search results. Submitting your website for indexing is the very important step and only after this can your whole website becomes ready to reach your audience. This section will teach you all the steps you need to do to post your site for indexing. Become familiar with how to submit the entire website for indexing and also how to submit pages or URLs for indexing.

Chapter 10 – 5 Methods for getting webpages Ranked without Indexing

What it teaches – We explained the importance of submitting site and web pages for indexing in the previous chapter, and it is very important. However, one should also know that there are other ways when a page can be uncovered by Google. It will not be indexed and may not get full benefits of search but it enters in the records of Google.

Section 11 – Website Factors for SEO

What it shows – Website is the base for doing SEO, without it you can not do any search engine marketing. Hence, everything about a website should and does influence your SEO ultimately, and at small or big level. This chapter tells you all the important factors of a website that you need to know and consider when doing SEO.

Chapter 12 – Intro to Techie SEO

What it teaches – This section introduces you to Technical SEO and why we get it done. When we talked about getting website indexed and making it noticeable on search engines then it is very important to do the technical improvements and ensure website is ready for search. This is the overview of specialized optimization of the website.

Section 13 – Checklist of Complex SEO Ways to Follow

What it shows – This is a checklist of important complex optimization techniques which one should follow to make their website fully ready for seo’s.

Chapter 14 – How exactly to do Techie SEO Optimization

What it teaches – Within this chapter we educate you on in detail how and what to do under each of the techie marketing techniques we mentioned in the last section. Learning this chapter can make you expert in doing technical optimization and making websites officially ready for search engines and search results.


What it shows – Keyword research is where the actual SEO starts. It is an activity which must be carried out in as much details as possible. It is the base and bottom of search engine optimization. If your keyword research is in complete or in wrong direction then your whole SEO campaign can give incomplete or incorrect results and become less effective. This section lets you know how to do keyword research and all the steps in it. It lists out 21 unique tools and best methods so that you can do key word research and points out how to do it with each one of the tool and in each method.

Chapter 16 – Keywords and their Importance

What it teaches – You also need to comprehend and know what keywords are and what’s their role and importance in SEO. What keywords do and just why we are in need of them. There are different ways to look at keywords or define these in SEO. Then there are numerous types of keywords. All this is protected in this chapter on Keywords and their importance.

Section 17 – Long Tail Keywords and their Importance

What it shows – This section in on long tail keywords and their importance browsing, optimization and ranking? You will learn what exactly are long tail keywords, how to know these and reasons that make these long tail keywords so important whenever we do search engine marketing. All of this is covered in this lesson on long tail keywords.

Chapter 18 – LSI Keywords

What it teaches – There are extremely specific and type and nature of keywords and these are called LSI keywords. This is actually the chapter that is about these LSI keywords and their importance in marketing and the whole SEO. Become familiar with what are these at length and with easy to understand illustrations.

Section 19 – Launch to On Page SEO

What it shows – This is the step of duties which we do after keyword research. This is actually the step where we use and optimize our targeted keywords on their respective webpages. This chapter introduces you to the concept and practice of on web page SEO optimization where in fact the content and the page is optimized for its targeted keywords.

Chapter 20 – Checklist of On Web page SEO Optimization to check out

What it teaches – That is a checklist of all the important on page optimization techniques and steps which you need to do to produce a page target its keywords in proper and better way and to make sure the content is relevant.

Section 21 – How to do On Page SEO

What it shows – This section will teach you in detail how to do on web page marketing. Here we cover each of the on page optimization techniques mentioned in the previous chapter. Each techniques is described at length to cause you to learn it properly and completely. You can find examples also to help you realize these techniques better. Learning this chapter will make you expert in doing on page marketing.

Chapter 22 – What exactly are Backlinks?

What it teaches – Speaking or studying SEO is incomplete without understanding backlinks and their role and importance. This we clarify in this section on backlinks. You will learn what exactly links are and what backlinks are. We will describe the need for backlinks and the common types backlinks in search engine optimization and why each is important.

Section 23 – What’s Link Building

What it shows – This is the lesson on what it means to build backlinks and exactly how it is done. We cover the normal techniques and methods which are used to create backlinks for a website to create its specialist and reputation too.

Chapter 24 – Off Web page and Link Building Techniques

What it teaches – The chapter teaches you what is off Page SEO and what we do in this important step of SEO. Become familiar with how link building is a part of off Page and what’s the difference between the two. Then this section will educate you on the techniques and solutions to do off web page and link building separately.

Section 25 – Local SEO as well as how to Optimize and Rank

What it shows – Local SEO is one very important part of doing search engine optimization. This chapter addresses local SEO completely and teaches you what it is and how it is performed. You will learn and know how local marketing is still SEO yet how it is a totally different application which includes different strategies and different approach than a regular SEO.

This is all what we should cover inside our complete SEO course through this 25 chapter syllabus. Through this extensive SEO syllabus we teach you complete search engine marketing. Our SEO course and its curriculum includes all the fundamentals, aspects, basics, techniques and methods that you need to comprehend SEO better and also do it in a better and more effective way.

6 Months PPC Industrial Training

Why is it important to be involved in PPC advertising?
Well, a recent study by Jupiter Media implies that whooping 97% of the searchers go online first for products and services while considering the genuineness of the business. Search is growing explosively. In 2013, it was 62 billion searches per month in the first quarter of the entire year, and now in 2016, Google and Yahoo collectively account for overpowering 91 billion queries made online.

PPC is one of the greatest ways of Direct Online Marketing.
PPC results are quicker when compared to SEO operations.
Best for start-up businesses who are planning to acquire online leads.
Many big companies hire PPC experts with a high paying job in MNCs & commercial.
If you own a company and running a PPC advertising campaign, we would suggest undergoing the SEM Training to optimize your price.

How PPC works?

Ppc is a great scenario provided by many successful online advertisers. These are the sponsored links appear at the top and on the right-hand aspect of the page in all the primary search engines. Pay Per Click works same across all platforms of search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing are three major players regarding PPC advertising. Each of these se’s got their systems for PPC campaigns. It involves in finding the right keyword to focus on in your website to show up in the search engine results. PPC works on an auction process where several ads compete based on biddings. As a result, the advertisements get placed at the very top position of the Golden Triangle to get higher visibility.

Professionals who research PPC course with us:

Pay per click training program is suitable for individuals who are interested in growing in-depth knowledge of paid search engine marketing activities. Traffic builders, online marketers, SEM specialists, organizers are likely to have a magnetic attraction towards this PPC training course because of the excellent search presence of their business enterprise.

PPC Course Syllabus

Pay Per Click Fundamental
PPC Concepts
Type Of Ads
Conversion Rate
Google Adwords
Bing Ads

6 Months Digital Marketing Industrial Training


Digital Marketing Basis.
Website and competitor Analysis.
WEB PAGE DESIGN using WordPress CMS.
Email Marketing.
Content Promotion and Creation.
SOCIAL MEDIA, Marketing & Advertising.
PPC Google Ads Campaign Management, Optimization, and Reporting.
Bing Advertising.
Mobile Marketing (Text message Marketing).
GEO Marketing.
YouTube VDEO SALES MARKETING & Advertising.
Website Data Analytics.
Affiliate Marketing.
Google AdSense.
Digital Marketing Plan & Budget Forecast.
Digital Marketing for MULTIPLE Business TYPES.
Product Marketing (Google Advertisements, Instagram, Facebook).
Neuro Marketing Basic principles.
Paid Ads Marketing Strategies.
Online Reputation Management.
Marketing Automation.
High quality and freemium Digital Marketing Tools.
Case Studies.
Internationally Recognized Certification Guidance (Google, Microsoft Bing, and HubSpot).
Focusing on Real-Time Tasks (Internship Opportunities for eligible Students).
Profession Interview and Counselling Planning Assistance.

HR (Human Resource Industrial Training) in Mohali


Manpower planning according to company business need.
Manpower Requisition Form as per functional division need
Simplifying Job description for applicant and recruitment Department.
Recruitment for different Business Component – IT, Production, Bank, Telecom, Insurance, EPC, BPO, etc.


Pre Joining Paperwork and Post Becoming a member of Documentation.
Updated Resume
Last company’s appointment letter / Offer letter
Last three months’ salary slide & Bank statement
PAN Card picture copy
2 passport size photo
Identity evidence (Adhar Credit card / Driving permit / Voter Identification / Ration Card / Passport)


Attendance Management & Leave Management – Various kinds of leaves
Salary components – Gross salary, Net salary, At hand salary, Taxable salary, CTC, Medical Allowances LTA, DA, HRA
Designing Salary split up according to offer notice, CTC
Salary slips preparation
Salary Disbursement system – By BANK-ACCOUNT, By cheque, By cash

Unit 1: Intro to Human Reference Management

The focus of the first unit is on identifying the actual personnel and human being resource function is focused on. It explores the normal obligations of HR departments and how they are influenced by the organization culture, environmental causes, and government rules. It introduces the topics of strategic and work planning also.

Device 2: Staffing

After the business has determined its strategic and individual source goals and analyzes the working careers to be packed, it is preparing to fill up them. Unit 2 reviews both steps in the staffing process: recruitment and selection. Recruitment aims at attracting and identifying the largest possible number of qualified candidates to hire for every job.

Unit 3: Payment & Benefits

This unit focuses on compensation and related issues. Among the topics to be protected are types of and bases for settlement, job evaluation and compensation/evaluation systems.

Device 4: Performance Management

This unit talks about and examines performance evaluation as something including process and procedures found in developing reliable and valid standards, criteria, and evaluation mechanisms. An excellent performance management system is reasonable to the employee while also providing the goals and passions of the organization.

Unit 5: Individual Resource Development

Worker development and training is another important HR function. More specifically, Unit 5 targets deciding who’s to learn, in what and exactly how they should be trained, and how effective was working out for the worker and her/his organizational element. To work, training and development programs must be matched up to types of employees with specific skill deficiencies and also to new skills expected to be needed by the business.

Device 6: Global Human Resource Management & Future Issues

Declining productivity, substantial demographic shifts, changing employee expectations and attitudes, innovation technologies, and government regulations shall continue steadily to affect human resource management in to the 21st century. This final device deals with the most important trends in human being resource management and exactly how they could be resolved through innovative and effective organizational strategies.

“OUR BEST TRAINING INSTITUTE” may be the top commercial training institute for End up being/Computer Science/Info Technology/BCA/MCA/B.Tech/M.Tech Engineering College students which gives training to students in addition to Corporates. Furthermore, it looks to offer placement support to fresher college students also. 6 months industrial trained in Mohali must bridge the gap in the theoretical understanding and implementation of the ideas which is necessary in outside corporate globe. Training from No 1 Industrial Training Institute offers a platform for learners to implement concepts obtained in the classroom to live tasks they are designated to. Moreover, it will help students to build up competencies and skills they might need to be employable/job ready.

The purpose of the course is to supply students with an obviously defined group of practical Technical skills which may be leveraged soon after the program.

To develop skills in the use of theory to practical function situations.
To build up skills and methods applicable with their careers directly.
To enhance the capability to improve students creativeness skills and sharing suggestions.
To apply systems method of style and evaluate operational performance.
Work as a person or a team participant effectively.
Recognize the necessity to undertake life-long learning.

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