Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh – As students, we all face a common problem which is a lack of practical knowledge. Most freshers cannot get their desired job due to a lack of practical experience. This is a major unemployment problem in India because even after completing undergraduate or graduate degrees, students do not get a job. Industrial training is the most suitable option to overcome this problem. There are many industrial training institutes in Chandigarh. The best institutes for industrial training are listed below.

Today many companies and institutes provide industrial training to release students. This training helps students to gain practical knowledge of the current industry scenario. After attending industrial training, students gain better job opportunities and career options. Industrial work experience is considered today as a prerequisite by many organizations for their hiring process. Employers use the industrial training period as an opportunity to evaluate new apprentices for future employment with the company.

Here are the Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh

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1st out of Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Morph Academy

Morph Academy offers the best 6-month industrial training in Chandigarh. 6 months of industrial training with live projects and certification course in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula

Morph is the best industrial training institute in Chandigarh, It offers six months of industrial training and industrial training courses of a 6-week course that includes the development site, .NET Framework classes, equipment, and of course the launch network, My SQL and JAVA classes, and development courses. of Android applications. This training institute in Chandigarh has the best education faculty. Morph-quality education offers and provides the best certification courses in Chandigarh. So for your brilliant career join Morph Academy and get the best industrial training in Chandigarh.

At Morph, they have a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who deliver 100% satisfactory results and provide you with a solid foundation in related courses. Morph Academy is given as the best industrial training institute in Chandigarh. Best Industrial Training Institute in Chandigarh Mohali, due to specialization in web design and development, mobile app development, network training

Contact Details of Morph Academy

Address: SCO 58-59, 2nd Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh. 160034, Chandigarh, India

Business Phone Number: 098154 89999

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2nd out of Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh

WebHopers Academy

WebHopers Academy is one of the best institutes in Chandigarh offering industry training in different subjects. They have an industrial training program of 3 months and 6 months. With theoretical knowledge, it is necessary to have practical knowledge as well. By receiving industry training in any field, you can explore your potential and use it to choose a better job opportunity for yourself.

WebHopers Academy offers training in various fields. The six months of industrial training at its Chandigarh center is made up of several courses. They provide comprehensive training programs for students from different sectors. His academy provides industrial training in web design, Web Development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, digital marketing, pay-per-click training, etc. They emphasize effective learning techniques that will clarify basic concepts for students.

Contact Details of WebHopers Academy

Address: 2nd Floor cabin 120 SCO 46, Sector 11, Panchkula, India

Business Phone Number: 098568 90001

3rd out of Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh

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ThinkNEXT Technologies

ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited is a state-of-the-art, innovative industrial training company. Its talented and professional trainers draw on their industry-wide expertise and experience to deliver sophisticated web solutions as well as mobile phone applications. ThinkNEXT offers Industrial Training in Chandigarh with Live Project on a diverse platform for IT / CSE / ECE / Mechanical learners, as part of their MCA, BE, B Tech, BCA, Diploma, M.Sc and B.Sc (Science of the computing, IT) courses.

The institute provides a real-time business environment for students. Their experienced developers help them team up with the latest technology. They prepare them for their future work/travel goal. They have a nearly 100% placement record for their trained students at various reputable companies around the world such as Accenture, Infosys, TCS, HCL, and many other MNC and CMM level companies.

Contact Details of ThinkNEXT Technologies

Address: S.C.F 113, Phase 11, Sector 65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 078374 01000

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4th out of Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh

Big Boxx Academy Chandigarh

Big Boxx Academy Chandigarh IT industrial training company is India’s leading and renowned IT education center offering six months/week industrial training in Chandigarh on most trendy web technology courses like internet marketing, web design responsive, mobile app development (Android and

BigBoxx, a leading California IT company, and institute, offers six months of industry training in Chandigarhformats programs to B.Tech and MCA students, which is part of their graduate and postgraduate degree from recognized universities and institutes. Most students waste their valuable time getting hands-on experience in the latest technologies or joining. The job-oriented, skills-based program is designed in such a way that students engage with industry professionals.

Contact Details of Big Boxx Academy Chandigarh

Address: SCO 64-65, 2nd Floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh, India

Business Phone Number: +91-9815818101

5th out of Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh

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Excellence Technology

Excellence Technology offers the best six / 6-month industrial training in Chandigarh for all branches of engineering. After spending 3 and a half years in college, all you learn is the theory part. But life is practical. Your university or your curriculum gives you 6 months to learn things practically. and have industry experience and learn what exactly the industry wants from you.

That is why at Excellence Technology they offer you 100% practical training in live projects. Because 6 / six months of industrial training in Chandigarh can change your career. and make you part of the best-reputed companies in India and the world.

In India they have many jobs available in the information technology sector, but why are most engineers not getting the desired job? Because after the analysis, they come to know that the engineers are not technically trained, but they are very good at the theoretical part. Students who scored more than 80% don’t even know how to install a window. So how could they secure attractive salary packages in such a competitive era? Engineers are more focused only on books and exams, so 6 / six months of industrial training in Chandigarh will definitely help students to get a good job.

Contact Details of Excellence Technology

Address: C-133, First Floor, Phase 8, Industrial Area, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 093177 88822

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Importance Of Industrial Training

In general, it has been reported that college graduates need a better workplace to prepare. So what better way to do this than to let students experience how to do genuine work while they are still studying?

Industrial training, in which a student undergoes a training period with an organization usually during a semester break, acts as an important part in preparing the student for a professional career. With active preparation involved, the student learns about industry demands, skill set, and work ethic. At the same time, it allows the student to put into practice what she has learned in college.

The introduction of the industry increases the working lives of college students through increased enthusiasm and responsibility; provides a lasting learning experience; it is an opportunity to commit to the profession to which they aspire in a realistic work environment; appreciate and understand the practical application of your academic program; work with professional mentors and begin building networks within your profession.

Therefore, even before the student graduates, they are prepared to be ready for employment, which broadens the student’s job prospects. While the student will have a lot to gain from industrial placement, the same is true for companies that have such training programs in place. These training programs can be of mutual benefit to employers because they can benefit from new ideas, energy, and the quality of support that the student brings to the work environment.

Additionally, participation in internship programs enables an organization’s staff to build leadership and follow-up skills, create company presentations, bring new points of view and new ideas to the work environment. It is also a useful avenue for the organization to select human assets, as some integrate apprentices into their workforce after graduation.

Industrial training was born in 1963 when the Swinburne University of Technology initiated industry-based learning. Today, he has launched his extraordinary Industry Engaged Learning project, which is sometimes also known as Work Integrated Learning, Cooperative Education, or Work-Based Learning.

Currently, an essential feature of the university engineering curriculum is mandatory exposure to professional engineering practice through industrial placement, which has been considered useful career preparation for an engineering graduate, and It is also the common method of preparing qualified engineers all over the world.

Students must acquire knowledge as well as the procedure and craft of apprenticeship, and training in the industry enables them to hone their knowledge and skills. Numerous well-performing students have been immediately hired as permanent staff upon graduation.

With the rapidly changing pace of today’s occupations market, employees must stay informed about new technologies and insights. It is encouraging to note that many organizations value industrial training as an approach to preparing future employees and consider offering training programs as their corporate social responsibility.

Industrial training is necessary to overcome obstacles in the academic curriculum and industry. This will help students create and develop specific skills and competencies that they need to be operable. So when they pass out from college, at the same time they join the company, they just have to learn the process that is followed in the company. It provides an opportunity for graduates to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom with the practical application of the knowledge necessary to perform a task.

In the case of the information technology industry, industrial training will also teach them what the environment will be like when they go to work. It gives students an idea of ​​what their work environment will be like when they join the company. Industrial training also offers student students an introduction to the tools used in industry. From this, students understand what their added value is and what value students can give to the industry. The industrial training process will get students ready for work faster.

Why do You choose For Industrial Training?

Once you decide to get the industrial training, always keep in mind the gap, the crucial of the courses according to the demanded technology and the development process. These Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh provide you with the best way to choose a career in a particular field. These institutes design each of the sectors well with the purpose of learning and teaching.

It offers the best educational system according to developing a professional career. So, you can come here to get the advanced level of training experience at the best industrial training institutes in Chandigarh, which is really helpful in adapting to the job offer.

Benefits of the Industrial Training

These benefits are truly impressive and can be obtained in the training institute and get the perfect knowledge-based industrial training in a professional way according to the work of multinationals.

1. Professional environment

The word professional gives you a decent and unique identity in your professional life. You can adapt it by getting industrial training in a company where you can be proud to become a professional after receiving the training. The training institute offers training in a group of students where students can increase their personality development skills along with the training.

If we talk about training companies, training companies have professional trainers in the different fields of development, who have a level of professionalism and provide a good effect during the training of students.

2. Practical knowledge

When you start your career with industrial training, you can get the best job knowledge experience in the training company. Here, you can learn and explore the work strategy, according to the level of the company, which is really useful and useful for making a career. Also, you can learn the most suited development skill in different fields:

  • Web Development
  • Web Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile App Development

3. Live Project Working Knowledge

All students want to work on the project live. So that they learn and understand the concept of real work and the development of the language work scene. But, due to a large number of students and limited time in the training institute, they cannot learn and practice in live project technology, that is why training institutes provide the best source of learning and practice where students can work on the project live under the team of expert trainers. Also, they can explore more about technology and job knowledge.

4. Placement guarantee

At present, job taking is not easier all over the world, especially after graduation, but don’t worry, you can get job opportunities after industrial training. Industrial training in Chandigarh provides you job security after training, where you can get the job offer in multinational, new and mid-level companies. So, don’t miss out, your time looking for another opportunity.

With the maintenance of these courses, you can improve your level of software and application development. It is really useful to choose a career orientation in any stream of development.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Designing
  • Android App Development
  • iPhone App Development
  • PHP Development
  • Java Development
  • DotNet Development


The above list of Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh has been compiled by us. Although every step has been known to list your details, we still advise you to contact the office. This listing will help you with the names of the Top 5 Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh. We will advise you not to do any decisions based on this list. You need to talk to some counselors and decide for yourself – which one you will most like.

If you think we have left any of the Top Industrial Training Institutes in Chandigarh. Please inform us about it. We were sure it would be fun to list it. If you want any of the above Industrial Training Institutes to be removed from the list due to a bad experience. However, the decision to add or remove entries is up to you. And to believe so is to follow the right procedure

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