Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh

Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh – There is a great challenge for non-English speakers when it comes to mastering spoken English for professional needs. These days communication plays a major role when applying for a job role. They understand the differences in reading, writing, and speaking skills and have designed a training program that helps individuals gain command over spoken English.

At these Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh, they focus on building your vocabulary and helping you build perfect sentences using day-to-day scenarios that might come across in your professional life. In today’s world, a good command of English helps you not only to express yourself confidently but also to gain the trust of others like clients, interviewers, etc.

These Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh give you step-by-step training with dos and don’ts, and best practices, from polishing your English grammar to a professional level. The training is also designed to enhance your listening skills for better communication. You will receive advice on pronunciation, use of expressions, vocabulary, and free speech. With this training, you will build a solid foundation of the English language and can easily crack the interview to get the desired job which requires good communication skills.

Here are the Best Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh

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1st out of Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh

Surbhi Academy

Surbhi Academy is known as the best academy for English-speaking courses in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, and Kurukshetra. Our instructors are experts and are committed to excellence in making English a spoken language for daily use. We aim to make you perfect in English Speaking Course in Chandigarh and to achieve your objective we work on various modules which will help you to improve your skills and subsequently you will have a good command of the English language.

The English language is the only language that likes around. This is the link language because if you look around the world you can see that English is the most common language which is preferred more than other languages. The objective of this course is to prepare and empower our students so that they can face the world with confidence and fearlessness.

Spoken English Speaking Course in Chandigarh is a necessity as English is a globally spoken language, so when you need to step out of your comfort zone and explore new associations, knowing English is one of its remarkable turns into a fraction. We have customized English-speaking courses that improve your basic grammar so that the language comes naturally to you. Apart from this, we also provide audio-video sessions. Are you ready to leap towards a bright future? Enroll with us for the best English speaking courses in Chandigarh

Contact Details of Surbhi Academy:

Address: SCO 54-55, 3rd Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, Punjab, India.

Business Phone Number: 99151 09266

Email Id:

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2nd out of Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh

Dolphin Head Hunters

More than anything, language defines people. To fully understand a culture, to begin with, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge of that language. It is an indisputable fact that English is an international and elite language. It is considered to be a universal language that manages to bring different countries together for trade and business proposals. In the last few decades, English as a language has gained immense importance and popularity all over the world. English as a language is so popular that a large number of 600 million worldwide praised the language for its communication proposition.

Dolphin Head Hunters as the premier spoken English class in Chandigarh understands the nuances of the needs of the students by considering the various language challenges. We as a leading English education institution aim to create an entertaining and interactive environment around the students that fosters their interest to absorb the taste of this beautiful language. As an Indian, we are living in a country with our Hindi mother tongue facing barriers to communication due to lack of command over the English language. It is indecent that most of the Indian population is oppressed because of a lack of knowledge of only one language.

Contact Details of Dolphin Head Hunters:

Address: SCO: 85-86, 2nd Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, Punjab, 160022, India

Business Phone Number: 9780754465


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3rd out of Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh

New Cambridge College

Language is the way by which we share our thoughts and ideas with others. There is a great challenge for non-English speakers when it comes to excelling in spoken English to meet professional needs. New Cambridge College is recognized as the top provider of Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh. Communication plays a vital role when applying for a job role these days. Most IT and non-IT students and professionals find it very difficult to communicate effectively despite possessing the skills required to perform high-level jobs, which ultimately results in job loss.

New Cambridge College is located in the heart of Chandigarh and caters to the students from the city as well as the nearby cities. Since the youth of our country comprises more than 50% of the population, the need to be able to speak English has grown exponentially in Chandigarh and the tri-cities. English plays a fundamental role in everyone’s life nowadays, as it is the most commonly used language in official communication. Be it medicine, management, finance, engineering, or computer science; Our youth are lacking on only one front, which is proficiency in speaking the English language.

Contact Details of New Cambridge College:

Address: S.C.O 80-81-82, Top floor Sector-17 D, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: +91-987-822-2772

Email Id:

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4th out of Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh

Smart talk

Are you looking for the best English-speaking institute in Chandigarh? If yes, then you are in the right place. English speaking training is one of the best ways to achieve your overseas goals with utmost frequency. If you are looking for the best English courses in Chandigarh, then there is no better place than Smart talk as it is one of the best institutes to learn English and become the most fluent one someday.

There is no doubt in saying that we are the best in making you proficient in English and we are confident that they will provide you with the best training people in the field of communication. We at Smart talk in Chandigarh offer a plethora of courses to enhance your speaking skills along with effective training. Smart talk is the apex institute for English-speaking courses in Chandigarh. This course is a complete package of Spoken English courses.

The English language does not have the largest number of native speakers in the world, But any language is spoken today also has a wider reach. Both native and second-language speakers of English are found on every continent, and English has become an important part of being in many fields including business, politics, science, technology, and entertainment, and we can even say that the world is everywhere. Those candidates who have enough time to learn spoken English and are unable to speak a single line of English.

Contact Details of Smart talk:

Address: SCO 361, Floor-2, Sector 44-D, Chandigarh (UT), Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: +91-9316333404

Email Id:

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5th out of Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh

Think English Faculty

Think English Faculty is a group of English experts that helps students to speak English fluently with complete pronunciation and is one of the top 10 English speaking institutes in Chandigarh. It has some very experienced faculty and teachers.

Regulatory certified coaching institute is here to teach and train students in English speaking classes and many other courses like OET, PTE, TOEFL, prepare students for an interview session and personality development. Think English has the proper curriculum and technology to bring out its students with the best results. Contact the staff faculty.

Contact Details of Think English Faculty:

Address: SCO 113, First Floor, Phase 11, Sector 65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India 160047

Business Phone Number: 9577705000

Email Id:

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Why Should You Learn English?

If you are currently trying to choose a language to study in school, or you want to take up a new language in your spare time, we can bet that the English speakers of this world will join us in giving The following words of advice to you: If you have to choose an additional language to learn during your years in school, make it English. Why? Let us count the ways…

1. English is One of the Most Widely Spoken Languages

Although it comes in second only to Mandarin in a total number of speakers, English is the language you’ll be able to use most widely, as it is spoken in more countries than any other language. This means that English is the language that will give you the best return for your efforts; After all, intellectual challenge aside, there’s no point in putting too much time and effort into learning a language you rarely get a chance to use.

Along with the UK, 60 of the world’s 196 countries have English as an official language: the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, to name but a few. It is the language of diplomacy and the official language of the European Union, the United Nations, NATO, and the European Free Trade Association, not to mention several Commonwealth countries. In addition, English is a commonly adopted second language of people in many other countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Holland. In total, around 1.5 billion people around the world speak English – and another billion are in the process of learning it. Will you make this number even bigger by learning it yourself?

2. English will Open More Opportunities for You

The image shows a black and white photo of two tourists on a road in the desert, taking pictures of themselves.
Even in countries where English is not an official language, it is often used as a lingua franca. Being able to speak English allows you to communicate effectively in many countries, and it opens up a lot of possibilities for you in terms of the countries you could one day choose to look for work – as a tourist. Not to mention travel. You won’t have to worry about getting lost when you travel to an English-speaking country, as you’ll be able to easily ask for directions, and taking guided tours, ordering food, and chatting with locals is no longer a source. Why stress?

In addition, careers that involve a lot of travel or international exposure, such as the airline, tourism, and film industries, use English as their official language, and many employers in these fields have previously had a certain level of proficiency in English. Te proof is required. They will consider employing you. This means that if you can speak English, you may find that you have a greater number of potential careers to choose from once you finish university.

3. English Gives You Access to Some of the Best Universities in the World

English is widely considered to be the language of higher education. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and MIT are just a few of the well-known universities that occupy the lofty heights of the top of the World Education League table, and to reach any of these you will need to speak English fluently, as they are all English speakers. The ones. It goes without saying that if you can study at one of these institutions, you will start your career with a great name on your CV – and its benefits speak for themselves. If English is not your native language, you will need to take an English test during the admissions process to prove that your English level is up to scratch for the demands of the academic environment. If your vision is on a top university, the effort you put into studying English as early as possible in your school years will be rewarded when it comes to the choice of universities to which you can apply.

Benefits of English Speaking

1. Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Learning any language keeps your mind active and challenging. In fact, your brain changes electrical activity and shape when learning a new language. No matter what age you start, there are benefits to learning a new language. When you decide to learn English, you give yourself an extra hard workout because of its complex nature.

English is a combination of several origins such as Germanic, Latin, and French. Speakers of these mother tongues will have some advantage in learning. Meanwhile, speakers from regions such as Japan may have to go through mental barriers to understand and master mostly unfamiliar sounds. Additionally, with the spelling of words changing throughout the English-speaking world, it is quite difficult to get the correct pronunciation of words.

If you don’t believe us, just ask an American and an Englishman to say ‘aluminum’. Therefore, if you want to develop more mental muscle, English is an excellent choice.

2. Earn More Money

The world may not have a global language, but English is the default choice for countless forms of communication around the world. So one of the benefits of learning English is that it significantly increases your recruiting potential. Not only is it an attractive credential to have on your resume, but it is also statistically proven to increase your recruiting potential. In 2014, those entering the workforce with a second language fluency expected an additional 10% to 15% pay increase.

In these three special regions, English is the well-known language:

  • A. Business – Globalization pushed the language to areas of the world where it would not have reached otherwise. A recent LinkedIn survey revealed that 90% of HR directors, CEOs, and CMOs claim that English-speaking employees are beneficial to their businesses. They claim this perhaps because the influence of English on the business world has long been felt. Today, it is a mainstay in the business sector.
  • B. Science – Science is also a largely English-focused community. There are immense benefits to learning English, with new rules and published articles most likely to appear in English.
  • C. Internet – Starting with two English-speaking countries (the UK and the US), the Internet was always an advantage for English speakers. One advantage of learning English is having access to 55% of the content available on the web today. Today, it has brought the digital community into the realm of the English language and made it virtually the key to the Internet.

3. Helps You Get into Great Schools

Like job applications, one of the best benefits of learning English is the educational opportunity. If you want access to some of the best schools like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, or MIT, knowing English gives you an incredible edge. It is expected that around 2 billion people worldwide will learn English in the next decade.

If you want to be seriously considered for admission, it helps to understand the mother tongue. This does not mean that non-English speakers will not get admission; It just gets more challenging.

4. Be a Better Writer

One of the best ways to understand a new language is to write. The more you write, the more new language you get. It helps with your understanding of the book and ultimately your creativity. In a classroom setting, writing helps advance the fundamentals of a new language. Think back to your early education days. How often were you writing your alphabet and basic sentences? The same thing happens when learning as an adult. In turn, this regular effort will help you take those simple words and build your knowledge. Simple words will become more complex and soon you will have the descriptive words you need to be a creative writer.

Like becoming a musician, you won’t understand your tool until you try it for hours. The same goes for English. Start writing today, see the benefits soon.

5. Enjoy Classical Literature and Movies in the Native Language

Over the past few centuries, many of the world’s classic works of film and literature were produced in English. While you can have access to translated copies, something always feels “off” about the final product. The same can be said for classic works translated into English. These kinds of mistranslations make it difficult to appreciate some of the greatest works of English-speaking artists, from Shakespeare to Stephen King. From Hitchcock to Scorsese, to truly feel a great work of film or literature, it’s best to experience it in its native language.

Likewise, one benefit of learning English is your understanding of pop culture. If you learn from some of today’s major movies, you immediately find yourself with a topic that pertains to millions of people. Hopefully, this gives you access to opportunities to speak and practice more.

Importance king

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why studying English is so important:

1. English is the Language of International Communication

English may not be the most widely spoken language in the world, but it is the official language of 53 countries and is spoken by about 400 million people worldwide. Being able to speak English is not just about being able to communicate with native English speakers, it is the most common second language in the world. If you want to talk to someone from another country both of you will likely be speaking English to do so.

The British Council estimates that by 2020 there will be two billion people studying English in the world. Learning English is important as it enables you to communicate easily with your fellow global citizens. When you study English at ELC Schools, you will be making friends with people from many different countries, using English as your common language!

2. English is the Language of Business

English is a major business language and speaking English has become almost a necessity for people entering the global workforce. Research from around the world shows that cross-border business communication is often done in English and that many international companies expect employees to be fluent in English.

Global companies such as Airbus, Daimler-Chrysler, Fast Retailing, Nokia, Renault, Samsung, SAP, Technicolor, and Microsoft have mandated English as their official corporate language in Beijing. Also, in 2010, Rakuten, a Japanese cross-company between Amazon and eBay, made it mandatory for its 7,100 Japanese employees to be able to speak English. The importance of learning English in the international market cannot be overstated – learning English can really change your life.

3. Speaking English Gives You Access to a World of Entertainment

Many of the world’s top movies, books, and music are published and produced in English. Therefore, by learning English you will have a great wealth of entertainment and you will be able to have a greater cultural understanding.

If you speak English, you will no longer need to rely on translations and subtitles to enjoy your favorite books, songs, movies, and TV shows. Watching movies and television programs in the English language is also a great and fun way to learn it!

We encourage students to participate in social programs to practice English outside the classroom environment. Activities include watching popular English movies, sports, art galleries, museums, local and historical field trips, and excursions. The program is designed to encourage students to use and learn English in British culture.

4. English Tests Can Get You Into School

If you learn English enough to pass exams like the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), you can study at English-language universities around the world. If you’re looking to move to an English-speaking area or work in one, that’s great news—a student visa can get you there. Or you may want to take some classes abroad. A successful English test will show colleges and universities that you are prepared.

The TOEFL, mentioned above, is one of the most common English proficiency tests. Others include the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and Cambridge exams. Some colleges or language centers also offer classes to help you practice for these exams. Even if you don’t need to take an exam for a specific reason, or have already graduated from college, studying for an English test can really improve your language skills. We can help you. It will teach you the essential skills needed to communicate in English and if you pass the test, it means your English has become much stronger!

5. English is the Top Language of the Internet

English is the most widely used online language, with nearly 1 billion users typing and chatting in the language. If you can understand and read English, you will be able to access and enjoy many more resources online. You can read news articles online. You can leave comments on English videos. You can understand the tweets of English-speaking celebrities. You can participate in the discussion on any forum. the possibilities are endless!

Obviously, this is helpful if you are only using the internet to browse and have fun. But many people and businesses also need to conduct research, market themselves, or develop online communication and connections—English will be critical to success. Email is also now a very common way of talking to people around the world. Email is the primary way for many companies to communicate with customers or other businesses. Being able to write emails or other correspondence in English is another important asset for employers. Whether it’s for fun or work, if you can understand English, you’ll be able to speak more.


What we have observed in this course is that the English language has always been and has been a diverse entity. It has changed dramatically over the centuries since it first arrived on the coast of Britain from the north of Europe, and these changes have meant that the language spoken at that time is now almost incomprehensible to us. As the language has spread outside of Britain, it has continued to change, and in different ways in different contexts. It has varied to such an extent that some scholars suggest that it is no longer correct to speak of ‘English’; Instead that there are many different English languages ​​around the world today.

At the same time, English exists in the world today as a means of international communication – as a way for people of different social groups to communicate with each other – and to fulfill this function it seems that the language has The variation required can be reduced to some extent. That is to say, if the language becomes too diverse then it is not mutually understood among different social groups. So we have two impulses at work that seem to be incompatible, or perhaps even in conflict, and the question we are faced with is how to harmonize them since both are part of the same entity’s existence. What we call ‘English’. It is one of the central issues in the study of the English language today – and it is a very modern issue as it has emerged as a direct result of the unprecedented situation that English now occupies in the world: the global scope of a language. As that includes the history and current existence of societies around the world.

Whether you are familiar with the English language and want to add fluency or you want to master speaking skills, choosing the best institute becomes very important. That is why we are sharing the Top 5 English Speaking Course Providers in Chandigarh.

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