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Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh – Distance learning, sometimes called e-learning, is a formal education and training system specifically designed to be operated remotely using electronic communications. Because distance learning is less expensive to assist and is not limited by geographical considerations, it provides opportunities in situations where traditional education is difficult to run. Students with timetable or distance problems can benefit as much as staff, as distance learning can be more flexible over time and can be provided almost anywhere.

Distance education is the process of creating and providing learning approaches when the sources of information and learners are separated by time and distance, or both. In other words, distance learning is the process of creating an educational experience of equal quality value to suit the learner’s needs outside of the classroom. The success of Distance Education (DE) is based on a tripartite partnership between students, faculty members and technology. In addition, it is important to note that the validity of the degree obtained by Distance Learning is the same as that of the regular degree, as long as the basic qualification requirements are met.

Distance learning is a modern system of non-formal education. Different terms are used for distance learning including distance education, open education, open learning etc. Distance education is provided by completely independent universities. Any university with the name of an open university or distance university should have multi-media facilities.

Here are the best Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

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1st out of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

IT Zone

In IT Zone, they realize how valuable education is. They also understand that many of us remain deprived of it simply because of limitations that do not allow us to pursue a full-time course and pursue our dreams and passions. Their dedicated efforts are directed towards making quality education accessible to all through distance learning platforms. They aim to guide aspirants towards the best distance learning courses and programs in Chandigarh and help them grow.

As a team of enthusiasts, they work hard to help students receive all the important information about distance learning courses, diplomas, and programs from reputable colleges. Their website contains accurate and up-to-date information about various types of distance learning and correspondence courses in Chandigarh and Tricity. They offer various distance learning/learning programs and courses including but not limited to MBA, MCA, MSC IT, MA, M Com, BBA, B Com, BCA, BA, BSc IT, PGDCA, PGDBM, and more.

Contact Details of IT Zone

Address: SCO 534, 3rd Floor, Above PNB bank,
Sector 70, Mohali.

Web site – IT Zone

College Phone Number: +91 9878987003

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2nd out of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

Amity University

The Amity University logo is depicted in an ideal divided into dark blue and golden yellow by an upper sweeping line that represents the growth and progress in life that can be achieved through education. While the shape symbolizes the permanent refuge of truth, the two contrasting but close colours symbolize the combination of modernity with tradition. The dark blue coincides with the golden yellow light of tradition, culture and values ​​with contemporary signs of technology, performance and advancement. The flame represents the purity and passion of knowledge, while the upper and lower parts of the flame mimic the turns of ‘A’ and ‘U’, respectively, which are the two major alphabets of Amity University. At Amity, we’re just benchmarking against some of the best organizations in the world. Our faculty and senior team travel the world to learn and adopt the best practices so that we can lay a strong foundation for learning.

Contact Details of Amity University

Address: Chandigarh, Punjab, India

College Phone Number: +91-9810530764

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3rd out of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

Aligarh Muslim University

Aligarh Muslim University was established by Sir Saeed Ahmed Khan in 1920 to take Mohammad Anglo-Oriental College to a new level as one of the most important universities for learning institutions in India. Spread over an area of ​​1155 acres in Aligarh City, Uttar Pradesh, India, the University offers 156 courses and has students from different parts of the country as well as from Asia and Africa. AMU has been ranked as one of the top 20 research institutes in India and has the credibility of being an institution of excellence both nationally and internationally. With a student population of approximately 28000 students, 1342 teachers and over 5600 non-teaching staff, the University has spread its wings of education in 12 faculties benefiting from 98 teaching departments.

AMU has 19 dormitories with 80 hostels, a unique feature that has a residential character for most students. Study programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, starting from the social sciences, humanities, sciences, and universities, have expanded their offerings into many disciplines such as engineering, dental history, Islamic studies, computer science, and cultural studies. Are. AMU also has other learning centres attached to the main Aligarh campus and manages the city’s schools for both primary and high school level education for boys and girls. The University is Islamic in nature and Indian in character and is a triumphant symbol of India’s combined synthetic culture and secular principles and way of life.

Contact Details of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

Address: Chandigarh, Punjab, India

College Phone Number: 8303020933


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4th out of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

Indian School of Business (IBS)

Indian School of Business (IBS) Campus is a private co-educational institution established in 2001. The campus is spread over 260 acres of land. ISB Hyderabad’s courses in the field of management include Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP), Advanced Management Program (AMP), and Fellow Program in Management (FPM).

The Indian School of Business has two campuses in Hyderabad and another in Mohali. ISB Mohali Campus was started in the year 2012 with a campus area of ​​70 acres.

He acknowledged that the rapidly changing business landscape would require young leaders who understand not only developing economies but also present a global perspective. ISB is committed to building such leaders through its innovative programs, excellent faculty and thought leadership. Fully funded by private corporations, foundations and individuals around the world who believe in its vision, ISB is a non-profit organization.

Contact Details of Indian School of Business (IBS)

Address: Knowledge City, Sector 81, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 140306

College Phone Number: 0172 459 0000

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5th out of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

Periyar University

The Government of Tamil Nadu established Periyar University in Salem on 17 September 1997 in accordance with the provisions of the Periyar University Act, 1997. The University covers four areas namely Salem, Namakkal, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri. Gone. The University is ranked 83rd among Indian Universities by MHRD NIRF 2020.

The university is named after the great social reformer E.V. Ramasamy is affectionately known as “Thanthai Periyar”. The aim of the university is to develop knowledge in various fields to understand the maxim engraved in the logo “Arrival William Ulagu” (Wisdom Maketh the World). “All round development of students” is the main objective of the Honorable University.

The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) was introduced for various programs offered by the University after 2008-09. Since 2009-10, the University has been offering certificate courses to meet the current needs of the public. Periyar University provides student support services such as a library, National Service Scheme, Youth Red Cross, Women’s Welfare Center and various sports and sports routes.

Periyar University offers higher education in three ways: Department of Studies and Research, affiliated colleges and Periyar Institute of Distance Education (Pride). The university has 28 departments and 109 accredited colleges.

Periyar University has launched online degree programs from January 2021 batch and offers various online programs such as Bachelor of Arts (English), Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Arts (History), Master of Business Administration, Master of Science (Mathematics), Master of. Commerce, Master of Arts (English).

Contact Details of Periyar Institute of Distance Education

Address: Periyar University, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

College Phone Number: 0427-2345766

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What is distance learning?

Distance learning primarily refers to a learning system in which students are not physically present in the classroom, but often join classes from their homes. There are several types of distance learning:

Correspondence courses refer to learning from the educational materials (books) provided by the educational institution without directly communicating with the lecturer. Testing is even done by forms that are filled out online, or submitted by email or regular mail. Although it may seem outdated, the method is still widely used, primarily to supplement other forms of learning. It is also very popular in the business world, where it is available in the form of employee tests and courses.

E-learning was originally referred to as online learning, although more recently, it has been included in all forms of e-learning, including pre-recorded and live lectures, interactive lessons, listening to audio content, etc.

Open learning is another term that often changes with distance learning, although it has its own unique characteristics. It primarily refers to learning theory where students learn in a way that they think is best for them. Given that distance learning is based on students’ self-control and their desire to learn, it is clear why these conditions were merged into one.

Despite the differences in the definitions listed above, distance learning features do not change students are not classroom-based, but somehow adapt to the teacher, acquiring the knowledge they need. As such, we have students who attend classes and adapt to their technical conditions. Teachers, on the other hand, have different methods that can be used to enrich teaching, depending on the subject/course they teach, technology and the software used for distance learning.

Technology distance is an integral part of education

Although this education system seems to have evolved with the development of modern technologies and the Internet, it actually existed long before that. In the modern era, with the advancement of technology, communication was done through letters, radio and television.

Today, distance learning is primarily online through software that allows students to join classes and communicate with the lecturer in real-time. The fact that these lectures are computer-based is no longer an issue. Applications that enable a high level of interaction during speeches are being developed and updated daily.

Nowadays, it is possible to actively participate in the class, ask questions to the lecturer, complete the tasks and many more. The introduction of new technologies provides additional opportunities, but it should be noted that most things can still be done using the Internet, mobile phones, computers and adequate conferencing software. This learning environment is very effective which encourages people to make the maximum choice of distance learning from the comfort of their home.

The most popular forms of Distance education

There are different ways to learn distance, but the most practical ones have found use in many educational institutions:

Video conferencing is a form of traditional, face-to-face learning. Allows teachers to address their students directly (or a student if we are talking about private lessons). Communication takes place in real-time (contemporary training) and it is possible to engage in dialogue like in a traditional classroom.

Hybrid Learning – A combined lecture that takes place in real-time, and involves both physically present students in the classroom and students learning online.

Asynchronous Distance Learning – A form of learning where students and teachers do not communicate with each other in real-time (usually due to being in different time zones). Lectures are pre-recorded and can be viewed and revisited on-demand, and students ask questions through either email or communication platforms.

Open-Shadow Online Students have access to the required learning materials but do not have a defined time frame. Instead, they can join courses when they are comfortable with them.

Part-time online course students must participate in the lectures.

Key features of distance education

There are many features of distance learning that make this model of learning very attractive to students around the world, but the following are the most important features:


One of the main reasons people choose online learning is the ability to balance their personal and school commitments. In most cases, students who choose online education have commitments that cannot be postponed.

This is why they need the freedom to be able to plan when they engage in speeches and complete tasks. In addition, e-learning allows for a learning rhythm that does not depend on other students, so one can speed up or slow down depending on one’s abilities and commitments.

The whole learning material is in one place

In Online Training, training materials are available to students at all times. Educational institutions are responsible for providing each student with the necessary learning materials to pass the exams and complete the course successfully.

Learning materials usually refer to the recording of online lectures, online textbooks, tests, etc. The literature is usually stored on the school’s servers or sent to students’ emails so that they can use it when they are comfortable. Can. It saves time and facilitates independent learning.

Possibility of late viewing/replay

People choose distance learning because they want the freedom to study when their responsibilities allow it. This is possible due to the main feature of online learning, namely the possibility of late viewing. All speeches are recorded and uploaded to the server, after which they are available to students 24/7. Recorded content can be paused, revisited, or revisited, making it easier to follow lessons and maintain the required learning speed.


online education is, as a rule, much cheaper than traditional education. Tuition fees are lower mainly because students are not physically present in the speeches. In addition, there is no charge for transportation, books or food. Online education requires only a stable internet connection and a laptop (or even a mobile phone).


distance education provides high-quality education that not only enables the acquisition of new knowledge but also provides internationally recognized diplomas and certificates. A large number of schools that conduct online courses have years of experience in this area and can guarantee high-quality teachers and the latest study programs. This is why diplomas and certificates obtained in educational online programs by both educational institutions and employers are highly valued worldwide.

Huge scope for distance education

As the world gets smaller and the boundaries disappear with the constant innovations in technology, the benefits enter every industry. Distance mode education has always been popular with those who wanted to further their knowledge while pursuing their careers. The attraction of getting an extra MBA tag has been the driving force behind those who want to pursue higher education but the question has always been what level of benefit the candidate actually got. With minimal face-to-face sessions, students rely on their own commitment to getting the most out of the materials and programs provided by the institutions, resulting in incomplete knowledge, product productivity and what is learned. It had no practical use.

That being said, there is great potential for distance learning in the future. The reason is that in the current economic situation students are eager to choose a job as soon as they graduate. Once you get a job, it becomes difficult to take time off from work to pursue higher education. Growth without knowledge is very slow so lack of education becomes an obstacle for many people when they are looking for higher positions that require minimum post-graduation. Corporates and individuals are realizing this very quickly. The solution comes from corporations that sponsor their elected staff members for higher education. This two-pronged approach adopted by the organization not only meets the needs of both the employer and the employee but also ensures that the employee continues to work for a long time through a signed contract that provides stability to both.

As far as distance education is concerned, the demand will only increase rapidly over time. Learning while one is earning is a boon for an enthusiastic person who may not have the financial support to leave the job for a year or two.

The question arises as to how to make the right choice when it comes to choosing a program and organization that provides the required output based on academic delivery, quality of materials and a wide range of learning experiences. Always remember to watch.

Advances in technology have played and will continue to play a major role in distance education

The face-to-face sessions can be taken online, the recorded sessions of the faculties can be broadcast on a fixed day and time which is of great benefit to the student. That being said, what an experienced faculty can teach a student cannot do 100 books. Wherever the student is in the world, he can sit in the comfort of his own home, with the privilege of choosing the time and understanding the discourses.


Distance learning has never been more accessible than it is now. Various barriers, such as lack of time, have been addressed in this form of education, as illustrated by the statistics, as more and more students around the world choose e-learning. Simply put, learning from home allows a person to get a high-quality education while maintaining the flexibility of their personal life. Everyone deserves a good education and a chance for a successful career, and this is what online education can provide.

Hope you like the list of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh. For more information, you can contact us or you can visit our website.

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