PG for girls in Chandigarh

PG for girls in Chandigarh

Our Girls PG in Chandigarh offers a comfortable stay in the heart of Chandigarh. The location of these girls paying guest accommodation in Chandigarh is in the proximity of many IT companies such as IBM, Samsung, ARM, Wipro located all across Chandigarh. Chandigarh city center is minutes away.
Some of the main features and facilities for PG for girls are listed below:
There are many rooms in PG for girls in Chandigarh, which makes it suitable for large groups.

  • Every room is equipped with flat-screen LCD TV with numerous cable TV channels.
  • All rooms are fully Air-Conditioned.
  • Housekeeping and cleaning have done every day.
  • 24 hours power backup is provided.
  • Free wifi service is provided in every corner of the guest house which makes it easier for the professionals to work from home. Internet speed is 50mbps with unlimited data.
  • All rooms are attached with private bathrooms.
  • Other available facilities include free parking, laundry, ironing, dry-Cleaning.
  • Both with and without food packages are available.
  • Cab service also available.
  • In Locality of one of the biggest markets in Chandigarh.
  • Best PG for girls in Chandigarh.
  • PG in Chandigarh for females without food.
  • PG in Chandigarh for a female with food.

Our staff is very friendly and welcoming, the premises are kept clean and tidy, always including the bathrooms. The bedrooms are designed and kept comfortable. The location is a great added feature with easy proximity to restaurants, medical shops, hospitals, bus and auto stands all the above convenience is worthy of the money you are shelling out.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are provided with the utmost care and high competency with varieties of food coupled with quality and hygiene catering practices being adopted constantly at this Girls PG in Chandigarh. Grievances on any of the services offered are deal with immediate action by us to ensure quality service is being offered without any interruption for the girls. The staff is well disciplined, caring and cooperative to the girls and are always ready to assist with their immediate requirements. We make necessary arrangements for required provisions to satisfy the personal needs of the girl's residents staying at our PG for girls in Chandigarh.

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What facilities do we Provide?

A standard girl’s hostel in Chandigarh provides all the facilities you would want in your accommodation, including but not limited to:

  • Wardrobes and beds for each tenant.
  • Well-furnished living room.
  • Television with DTH connection
  • Free internet connection with WiFi
  • Kitchen with utensils and other utilities required for cooking.
  • 24-hour running water with a hot water facility.
  • Drinking water with RO technology
  • Availability of rooms – Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms are available here and you can choose according to your preference.
  • Refrigerator and geysers in every apartment make staying easy and facile.

These are reasons that have made us a prominent paying guest in Chandigarh.

Should You Opt For A PG Accommodation?

Opting PG accommodation can help you in your life such as-

  • Promoting co-living- The urban population is on a constant rise across India. With many migrating to cities for better educational and work opportunities, the need for rental properties is much higher. But, options are limited. PG accommodations are a way of promoting co-living, especially among young students and professionals, who otherwise would have rented an apartment to live alone. In PG accommodation, they can share space and also, not live alone.
  • Providing affordable living- Imagine the expenses you will incur living in a rented apartment alone. This includes costs incurred for furnishing the apartment, hiring domestic help, maintaining the property, utility bills and the rent you will be paying. All of this is going to cost you more than 30 percent of your monthly income if you are employed or a large part of the money you get from your home in case you are a student. At PG accommodation, you don't have to spend on all of this. You have to pay your monthly rent and spend on your groceries and other utilities and the rest is taken care of by the ones that run the accommodation.
  • Advantage of proximity- PG accommodations is generally run keeping in mind the target audience. You will find them close to commercial hubs and educational institutions. This becomes an advantage for those who live in these accommodations. Proximity to your destination of work or education ensures that you are not spending much money or time on travelling. Moreover, most of the time, the localities these are located in offering a good social and civic infrastructure, too.
  • Personal development- Living with a group of people from different walks of life, different states and different opinions gives you room to learn and develop yourself. Mingling, having discussions and indulging in creative activities can help you have a good time after work or college.
  • Safe and secure- Some of the best PG accommodations ensure that you have a safe stay. Moreover, with many living in one place, the safety factor is reassured. In case of emergency, you are surrounded by people available to help.
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Benefits of Choosing our PG services for Girls

The security of girls should be of paramount importance to PG owners. Inquire about the safety measures taken by the owner to ensure the tenants are living in a safe environment. See if the housing society has a proper security guard and if records of visitors entering the premises are maintained. Find a PG accommodation in a respectable locality with a friendly neighbourhood. There is nothing better than natural surveillance when it comes to security. A busy locality is often more secured than the ones located in deserted areas.

Proximity to Basic Services
A crucial factor to consider while choosing accommodation is its proximity to basic services. Accessibility to market and basic services, such as medical stores, grocery shops, and ATMs should be given a lot of priority while choosing a PG for girls in Chandigarh.

Location and Transport
Try searching for a PG for girls in Chandigarh that is not too far away from your college or workplace and the area is well-connected to other parts of the city by public transport. The proximity of the PG accommodation to your office or college is very important as you wouldn’t want to spend hours in commute.

Staff Members
A PG for girls in Chandigarh should always hire female staff members for the security of the tenants, and they should be available 24 hours, especially when the owner is not present.

Your Requirements
Make a mental note of the things you are looking for in your accommodation before you start hunting for one. You need to be specific about your requirements lest you end up settling for accommodation that’s not suitable for you. Your food habits, your working hours, and your preferred sharing options should be consistent with what the PG accommodation offers.

It’s important for tenants to wisely calculate the amount they can allocate to rent. Search for a PG for girls in Chandigarh that suits your budget. Make a list of your earnings and expenses. Set aside funds for emergency expenses and bills while working out your monthly budget, and fix an amount for accommodation. However, what matters most is what percentage of your income you are comfortable spending on rent. A balance between comfort and affordability is important when you search for a PG.

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Things You Need to Clarify with Your Owner


If the PG accommodation offers food then find out the timings and the quality of food. Inform the owner in advance if you need food at a particular time. If the facility has a kitchen for self-catering then inquire with the owner if he or she has any restrictions as far as cooking certain food items are concerned.

Timings and Restrictions

Discuss with the PG owner about your working hours and inquire about the timing restrictions, if any. If you have to work late hours then inform your PG owner about your office timings. Inquire about the rules and regulations as far as visitors are concerned. Some PGs have restrictions and there are valid reasons behind this rule.

Why Choose Us for PG services for Girls:

Affordable Room Rents – The optimum room charges enables most of the office goers and even students from out the state to select PG services for girls in Chandigarh for staying. This has made us an eminent Ladies PG in Chandigarh.
Utmost Security – Moreover, as we provide working women Hostel in Chandigarh our prime concern is the security system. The hostel has a well-protected gate and has several trained security staff to maintain the security.
Delightful Ambiance – For staying the rooms are well maintained and have a pleasant ambience.
Comfortable Stay – The bed with mattress, chairs, study tables and other furniture we provide in rooms are of good quality and comfortable.
Located in Heart of the City – One of the most important reasons why we have managed to earn a glut of commendations from different ends in the city is all our offered Paying Guests have got eminent amenities nearby and they are as follows – Shopping complexes, ATMs, Banks, Hospitals, Malls, Restaurants also nearby.
So,  we will be more than happy to assist you in finding out the best PG for girls in Chandigarh.

"PG for girls in Chandigarh"

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