PG for boys in Chandigarh

PG for boys in Chandigarh

PG for boys in Chandigarh: A new fashion of affordable budget hostels is high in need around the country that give low cost and safe shelter for young Boys wanted to study in Chandigarh. Many boys hostels which give rooms to students for accommodation, also grant safe and tasty food.

We at PG for boys in Chandigarh provide budget-friendly Paying guest in Chandigarh with various facilities like, provide standard rooms with mess facility are available. Contact our representative who will take all the information and help parents to tour our property and know that their kids are in a safe place.

At PG for boys in Chandigarh, we soon realized that it was essential to go beyond basics and make a platform that could help in finding Flats and PGs in your area. With globalization and communication taking the forefront, we are aware that society is becoming more diverse & internet savvy. The philosophy behind PG for boys in Chandigarh arose to create an inclusive living environment where Tenants have choices but are also required to take ownership. Renters would have options so that they could choose according to their budget and personal selections. The burden on owners would get reduced - to look for responsible renters, do background checks and chase after renters to pay in their dues.

In the future, we believe PG for boys in Chandigarh as a platform will grow in many other directions, with flats and PGs as the core focus. For working professionals as well as students, we bring a fully-furnished comfortable homestay with a community of like-minded people. We aim at providing a hassle-free living experience driven by high class, tech-enabled, services our living spaces offer all kinds of basic and luxury living amenities such as fully furnished rooms, healthy food, daily housekeeping, seamless internet facilities, hi-tech security and much more - all enabled by technology. For property owners, we act as property managers, helping them with renting their properties, Furnishing the property, good upkeep, Reduce Maintenance Needs and ensuring working professionals as well as students of high pedigree.

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Why should you choose to pay for guest accommodation?

  • Promoting co-living- The urban population is on a constant rise across India. With many migrating to cities for better educational and work opportunities, the need for rental properties is much higher. But, options are limited. PG accommodations are a way of promoting co-living, especially among young students and professionals, who otherwise would have rented an apartment to live alone. In PG accommodation, they can share space and also, not live alone.
  • Providing affordable living - Imagine the expenses you will incur living in a rented apartment alone. This includes costs incurred for furnishing the apartment, hiring domestic help, maintaining the property, utility bills and the rent you will be paying. All of this is going to cost you more than 30 percent of your monthly income if you are employed or a large part of the money you get from your home in case you are a student. At PG accommodation, you don't have to spend on all of this. You have to pay your monthly rent and spend on your groceries and other utilities and the rest is taken care of by the ones that run the accommodation.
  • Advantage of proximity:-PG accommodations is generally run keeping in mind the target audience. You will find them close to commercial hubs and educational institutions. This becomes an advantage for those who live in these accommodations. Proximity to your destination of work or education ensures that you are not spending much money or time on travelling. Moreover, most of the time, the localities these are located in offering a good social and civic infrastructure, too.
  • Personal development- Living with a group of people from different walks of life, different states and different opinions gives you room to learn and develop yourself. Mingling, having discussions and indulging in creative activities can help you have a good time after work or college.
  • Safe and secure- Some of the best PG accommodations ensure that you have a safe stay. Moreover, with many living in one place, the safety factor is reassured. In case of emergency, you are surrounded by people available to help.
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Benefits of living as a paying guest

Paying for guest accommodation has a lot of advantages over buying or taking a room on rent. The person gets all the services and facilities, which are commonly taken for granted at home. The cost of the paying guest determines the facilities given at the paying guest accommodation. The rooms are generally fully furnished with connected bathrooms, toilets and laundry services.

For professionals and bachelors, living as paying guests is the best choice, as they do not have to spend in buying a lot of items. They can take a single or double room, as per their necessity. The room can be an air conditioner or non air conditioner depending on their preference. The daily cleaning services, change of bedsheets and ironing of clothes are organized by the owner of the paying guest accommodation.

For a bachelor, the need for daily cooking is taken care of by the daily breakfast service at the paying guest hostel. The launch and dinner services may also be given as per the agreement between the owner and the occupants. Living along in big cities find security and a homely atmosphere in paying guest accommodations. These hostels are Pgs in Chandigarh provided with 24 hours of security and are kept only for students and working bachelors.

The location of almost all paying guest accommodations is very convenient for working professionals. The paying guest accommodations are generally in those areas close to the office complexes or education institutes. Some paying guest accommodations are only walking distances from the colleges and educational institutions. This makes living as a paying guest very convenient for students than taking rooms in localities far away from colleges. Students also have a special advantage in living as paying guests, as they do not have to worry about the power supply. Owners always have a power backup system for most paying guests.

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Living as a paying guest saves some money, as the occupant does not have to spend on food, furniture and other facilities that are provided with the paying guest hostel. The amount of money saved can be increased if the person decides to live without an air conditioner or an attached bathroom. The expenses involved in the daily breakfast from the hotel is always more than the cost of breakfast provided as paying guests. For those Boys pg in Chandigarh who prefer food cooked at home, the paying guest accommodation is the best option. The privacy which one finds as the paying guest may not be available in a hostel. In some paying guest places, the owners have made separate rooms with stairs for the paying guests. This gives privacy to paying guests.

Why Choose Us?

  • Save Money When You Rent With Us
  • Zero Brokerage
  • Low-Security Deposits
  • Modern Furnishing
  • Unlimited Wifi
  • RO Water
  • TV/Cable
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Customer Support

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