Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali

Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali

Web Designing Training Institute

Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali: Web designing has become an important part today in the IT industry. If you have an interest in designing or creating websites, you start your career in web designing by joining 6 Weeks/ 6 Months Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali which is a good direction to safeguard your future. Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali is a globally recognized training provider rendering the best industrial training in web designing under the guidance of industry experts.

There is no need or any earlier knowledge is required to get industrial training in web designing. This course will offer students the knowledge and skills required to begin a career as a web designer. Our committed trainers offer live-project based training in web designing using the latest versions of the software. Our 6 Weeks/ 6 Months Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali aims at transforming students from a beginner into a skilled and expert web designer in just 6 weeks/ 6 months.

We are known as the best 6 Weeks/ 6 Months Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali by providing fundamental as well as fundamental knowledge of web designing. Our expert trainer provides real industrial appearance by rendering hands-on training with real-time projects. Candidates will learn website designing from scratch from basic designing to deployment. We provide a globally recognized certificate to each student to build a lucrative career. We also offer 100% placement assistance to the aspirants after the completion of the web designing course.

What is Web Designing?

In Brief, website designing means planning, creating and renewing websites. Website design also includes the information architecture, user interface, navigation, website structure, website layout, colours, contrasts, fonts and imagery (photography). It uses many attractive designs like animation, graphics, interaction design, and information architecture while giving digital corporate identity to your business. Designing creates the look and feel of any website in mind. We use different technologies like web designing like Markup languages; style sheets, client-side scripting, server-side scripting and multimedia technologies.

The technologies being used during web designing are:

  • Markup languages (such as HTML, XHTML and XML)
  • Style sheet languages (such as CSS and XSL)
  • Client-side scripting (such as JavaScript and VBScript)
  • Multimedia technologies (such as Flash and Silverlight)

Eligibility for Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali

Minimum 12th Standard. Ideal course for graduate candidates to start their professional careers. Professionals with experience can look forward to getting higher career growth right after this course.

Course Content for Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali

Six Months/ Six Weeks Industrial Training in Web Designing is a modular 6 months/ 6 Weeks course exclusively that includes practical sessions. The course syllabus of Industrial Training in Web Designing includes:

  • Handling DIV
  • Photoshop
  • Flash
  • Working with CSS
  • Java Script/ JQuery
  • Dream Weaver
  • Corel Draw / Illustrator
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What is Web Design?

  • Introduction to Web Design
  • Domain Names & DNS
  • Client and Server Software.
  • Static & Dynamic Websites
  • Careers in Web Technologies
  • Responsive web designs
  • HTML 4 & 5
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction of Stock Photography
  • Types of Images and Image Editing Tools
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Using Photoshop Tools
  • Layers, Actions and Filters
  • Creating Custom Effects
  • Design Banners, Basic Website Layout
  • Design Complex website Layout
  • The conversation of PSD to XHTML

Cascading Style Sheets

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Types of style sheets
  • Types of CSS Selectors
  • Complete CSS properties
  • Converting Table layout to CSS
  • Custom CSS Layout Design
  • Creating simple and dropdown menus
  • Creating Appealing forms using CSS
  • CSS Tips and Tricks with Hacks

Java Script

  • Client and Server-side scripting
  • Introduction to Java Scripting
  • Types of Java Scripts
  • Variables, operators, loops
  • Objects, Events and DOM
  • Common javascript functions
  • Using Javascript in Dreamweaver
  • Java Script Validations
  • Implementing Menus, Galleries etc
  • Introduction to Ajax
  • Real-time Ajax Examples

Testing and Implementation

  • Various Browser Versions
  • W3C Validating the XHTML & CSS
  • Common Compatibility Issues
  • Responsive Issues

Adobe Flash

  • Introduction to Animation
  • Introduction to Adobe Flash
  • Tools in Adobe Flash
  • Frame Animation
  • Various Flash Effects
  • Creating Flash Banners
  • Creating Flash Intro’s


  • Structure of HTML
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Advanced HTML Tags
  • Difference between HTML & XHTML
  • XHTML Basic tags
  • Introduction to Doc Types

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

  • Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Learning the interface
  • Defining a Dreamweaver site
  • Adding Content and Multimedia.
  • Creating user submission forms.
  • Importing a website design
  • Dynamic Features

How to Create a Website

  • Requirements/Specifications
  • Creating a concept and layout
  • Choosing a Color Scheme
  • Choosing Stock Photography
  • Texture and Typography
  • Design a Professional Layout
  • The conversation of PSD to CSS
  • Implementing JavaScript.

Web Hosting (By FTP)

  • Web Hosting Basics
  • Types of Hosting Packages
  • Changing Name Servers
  • Linux and Windows CP
  • Using FTP Client
  • Maintaining a Website

Why should enroll for 6 Weeks/ 6 Months Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali?

The purpose of 6 Weeks/ 6 Months Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali is to offer students deep awareness & practical knowledge so that they stay in front of others all over the entire career. We are offering you excellent Training with an opportunity to get experience in the real work environment of an Industry. In this course, any stream of students BE, B.Tech, MCA can enroll. There are many courses in designing such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Adobe flash. Our Web designers refresh you with the newest drifts in the Web Design Industry. 6 Weeks/ 6 Months Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali also offers you Live Projects with the direction & support of our IT Professionals. It is a Six Months/ Six Weeks  Industrial Training Certification Course and we will provide you with a company certificate for 6 months of Website Designing Training. The Company keeping in mind two aspects the first is a learner and the other is job aspects. This is assisting you after the training for facing interviews in this field.

Benefits of web designing training course

In the present current era, basic knowledge of computers is not complete, but one must also know the World Wide Web. Every day many websites and blogs are launched? If you are a person who wants to launch their business on the Internet and want to use the website for marketing purposes, then you will be allowed to avail the maximum benefits of a web designing training course.

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If you are a blogger or want to create your blog? Then you must be aware that, writing is not the only factor to bring customers and readers to the blog. If the layout and visible creatures are attractive, there are widespread possibilities for a blog to reach.

For new bloggers, it is Necessary to learn simple web developing and designing tricks. In this way, you do not have to obtain professional or experienced developers to build your blog on time. If you are aware of web designing techniques, you can show your creativity in various ways to your website visitors and readers. There is no limit to test your creativity. If one or the other is clicked in between the public, then there will be a numerous chance to be successful in your website market.

Small business owners can manage and use their websites to sell and improve their services and products. To keep your customers on-road and visit them on your website, you need to make so many changes to the web layout. If you know, you can do it yourself or else you require to rent a web designer to do your work.

Career and Jobs in Web Designing:

After completion of 6 Weeks/ 6 Months Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali, you can work in a web designing company or you can work as a freelancer. There are thousands of businesses that hire a web developer for their first end and back end web development projects. Also, you can work individually as a web designer and set up your own enterprise. The main career fields in this field include:
Front end developer: The front end developer usually works on the client-side dealing with the web page design, graphics that are available to the user.
Back end developer: The back end developer is a person who is liable for the back end development that interacts with the server. This type of web developer specializes in languages like Php, ruby, ASP.Net, Java, Cold Fusion, and Perl.
The job outlines for the web developer include:

To keep old websites we also need good web designers. As years will go most of the online sites down and now get a place in the market, same with new and old web designers.

What will you learn?

6 Weeks/ 6 Months Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali, we differ on the concept that the attractiveness of a website is the first impact on readers. The high-quality design and style of any website is the beginning point for any website. We have an experienced team of professionals for Web Designing who have long been included in designing successful websites in all categories.

  • How exactly does the World Wide Web works?
  • Basic to Advanced website design techniques.
  • Creating website elements like buttons, banners & Bars last but not least whole UI designs.
  • Setting up the page layout, colour schemes, contract, typography in the designs.
  • Writing light and efficient for web pages running on various web browsers.
  • Forms and validations for your website.
  • Building professional websites with crisp graphics for your business or service.
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Industrial Training Should not be Taken Lightly

It is difficult to get a good job based on just educational qualifications and without any knowledge in today’s age. And this is where Industrial Training comes into the picture! It is thus very necessary for the students to choose the right industrial training module which is by their career opportunities. Also, one must be circumspect about choosing the right company where the candidate should undergo industrial training.
Industrial work experience is nowadays viewed as a pre-requisite by numerous organizations for their hiring process. The industrial training period is used by companies as an opportunity to assess the new trainees for future recruitment in the organization. At the same time, industrial training can be used by the learner as a chance to prove his skills and abilities to perform. He can use this time to reach out and shine as a great asset to the company. This time period can serve as a platform for the aspirant to get recruited in the same firm where he is getting industrial training.
Industrial Training is important for the aspirant as it offers him an opportunity to evaluate the organization and its work environment. It will let the candidates the chance to judge if he would like to work for this organization in the future.

The candidates should make an effort and give a lot of thought before joining the most important industrial training. The Industrial Training you join will let you gain experience in a broad range of activities related to your chosen career. One should make the most beneficial use of the training by asking his/her supervisor for stimulating & varied projects so that he/she would have enhanced exposure.
Industrial Training allows the candidate to get exposure to the organization, get new insights & viewpoints and fresh ideas about the working methods. It also helps to grow the needed skill sets. It allows the students to increase & understand the practical aspects of their academic programme. The aspirant gets the opportunity to work with expert tutors and it also gives them a chance to build networks with people in a related career.

Outcomes of Industrial Training

  • Capability to obtain and apply fundamental principles.
  • Become a master in one’s special technology,
  • Become renewed with all the newest changes in the technological world.
  • Capability to communicate efficiently.
  • Capability to recognize, frame, and model problems and find engineering solutions based on a systems approach.
  • Capability and passion for self-improvement through continuous expert development and life-long learning.

Why choose us for Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali?

6 Weeks/ 6 Months Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali take a unique and creative approach. We provide world-class professional training in web designing learners connect with the subject they need to master. We are a guide for launching new courses that will help students to get placed and excel in their careers. In training, our experienced and skilled team is committed to providing Quality Education.

  • A practical Training Session was given by industry specialists.
  • 100% Placement assistance.
  • Industrial Connect Program for the introduction of the industry atmosphere.
  • Assignments & Tests on each Module completion.
  • Back-up classes.
  • Get Exposure to working on a Live Project.
  • Assistance for Project Documentation and testing daily basis.
  • Preparations for interviews on Technical Part.
  • PD Sessions once a month.
  • 4 days of classes in a week.
  • Training approval letter & completion Certificate.

"Industrial Training in Web Designing Training in Chandigarh & Mohali"

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