Computer Diploma course after 12th in Chandigarh

Technology has become wide and getting updated day by day. Every student should notice these features and must adapt and learn them as the field of Computer is becoming competitive regularly. But the problem of bright future students starts from their choice of career options after 12th. Computer Diploma Courses after 12th in Chandigarh is an available option for students who have completed their 12th standard.

Due to the enormous boom in the IT Industry and India’s status as IT power has diverted every sector’s eyes towards it and that is the only reason we are sharing some of the best computer courses after 12th in Chandigarh. In the last few years, the IT industry has shown its great organization and now, most of the youth consider this field as their most preferred career option.

Today, the competition has grown so much that many young people remain unemployed even after completing their studies. However, due to the need for technology, the Computer field offers enough opportunities. Technology is enhancing every day in every field and jobs in this field are increasing at a rapid speed. Read this article and search for the best IT courses after 12th and what are the expected salaries you can get after doing these courses.

If you have completed your 12th with this exciting domain i.e. from ‘Computers’ or you have an interest in Computer’s field, there are many courses which can directly lead you to a perfect job.

Here, we are telling you about the best Computer courses after 12th in Chandigarh for you, you can read the list given here and choose which course is best for you.

There are various diplomas of qualification after 12 in science, Arts, Commerce that you can pursue. Find out all about the courses leading to a diploma after Class 12 below.

Diploma in Multimedia

What work can you do after Multimedia Course?

Multimedia artists use technology to make graphic designs, web designing, and animations for electronic media. After finishing the course, you could find jobs in the designing sector – graphics designing, web designing, designing computer games, films, etc. Common job profiles are graphic designers, web designers, image editors, etc. You could also opt to work as a freelancer.

1-Year Diploma Courses After 12th Science:

  • Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • Diploma in Advertising
  • Diploma in Interior Designing
  • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT)
  • Diploma in Animation

Duration – 1-year Course After 12th (Arts).

Eligibility – After 12th Arts or any other fields.

Topics covered in the Multimedia Course?

  • Animation
  • Graphic design
  • Web designing
  • Line or audio producer Computer software designer
  • Basics of website design
  • Website development software or Adobe Suite like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Flash, and
  • Dreamweaver.

Why do you want to choose the Multimedia Course as a career?

  • You can draw well.
  • You are alert.
  • You have visualization and ability skills for color selection.
    You are interested in technology firms -computers, technology, and media forms, such as journalism, videos,
  • animation, etc.

Diploma in Photography

What work can you do after the Photography Course?

Professional Photographer Based on our interest in photography and opportunities in this field, work with companies, work at studios, agencies, and so on. Alternatively, you may opt to work part-time or also choose freelance work. You may need to travel for work.

Duration – 1-year Course After 12th (Arts).
Eligibility – After 12th Arts or any other fields.

Topics covered in the Photography Course?

  • Basics of camera
  • Photography equipment
  • Lighting and visual concepts
  • Photography types: Portrait photography, commercial photography, underwater photography, wedding photography, fine art photography. fashion photography, photojournalism, nature photography, etc.

Why do you want to choose the Photography course as a career?

  • You have patience.
  • You love photography.
  • You have good visual skills.

Diploma in Advertising and Marketing

What work can you do after the Advertising and Marketing Course?

You can find jobs in these sectors like digital marketing, advertising & communication departments, media companies of private companies and in public companies, film production companies, advertising and publicity agencies, etc. You can also work as a freelancer.

Duration – 1-year course after 12th (Arts).
Eligibility – After 12th Arts or any other fields.

Topics covered in the Advertising and Marketing Course?

  • Media planning
  • Market research
  • Public relations
  • Corporate communication
  • Basics of advertising and marketing

Why do you want to choose the Advertising and Marketing Course as a career?

  • You have the best communication skills.
  • The advertising and marketing sector is rising globally and nationally.
  • You are fine with important fast and attractive lifestyles.
  • You could be rewarded well in terms of salary and encouragement.

Diploma in 3D Animation

What work can you do after the 3D Animation Course?

Animators can work in animating companies, advertising firms, creative studios, engineering companies, and the video games industry. job profiles after this course are Animator, 3D Modeler, Graphic Designer, etc.

Duration – 1-year course after 12th (Arts).
Eligibility – After 12th Arts or any other fields.

Topics covered in the 3D Animation Course?

  • Basics of designing
  • Basics of animation
  • 3D animation
  • Colour theory
  • Storyboarding

Why do you want to choose the 3D Animation Course as a career?

  • You can draw well.
  • You are observant.
  • You have visualization skills and an aptitude for color selection.
  • The scope of jobs grows as students can find a successful career in other related fields.

Diploma in Financial Accounting

What work can you do after the Financial Accounting Course?

You can handle company financial records & tax reports. These reports give an idea of economic performance. With the help of these reports, the owner can decide if the company is performing better according to goals and can take corrective steps.

Duration – 1-year course after 12th (commerce).
Eligibility – After 12th Commerce field.

Topics covered in the Financial Accounting Course?

  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Auditing and taxation

Why do you want to choose the Financial Accounting Course as a career?

  • You are comfortable with numbers and computers.
  • Extra job chances across all industries are available.
  • You have a good sense of the finance system.
  • You like to experiment with accounts or also you are interested in Financial Accounting.

Diploma in Computer Application

What work can you do after the Computer Application Course?

Diploma in Computer Application is a helpful degree as it is a 6 months – 1-year diploma course. After completing this course you can go for Lead Consultant, Applications Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, Office Assistant, Computer Teacher, Assistant Professor, Senior Programmer Analyst, Computer Operator, etc.

Duration – 1-year course after 12th (commerce).
Eligibility – After 12th Commerce field.

Topics covered in the Diploma in Computer Application Course?

  • Internet
  • HTML
  • Basics of computer and operating systems
  • Visual Basic
  • MS Office
  • Information Technology
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Programming languages, such as C, C++

Why do you want to choose a Diploma in Computer Application Course as a career?

  • Computers motivate you.
  • You are interested to learn about computer software and work in this field.
  • You are already related to this field.

Diploma in Computer Engineering

What work can you do after the Computer Engineering Course?

After you finish the diploma course in Computer Engineering the job opportunity is Senior Technical Assistant, Member Technical Staff, Project Assistant, Assistant Manager, Associate Software Engineer, etc. and the career opportunity is Software & Hardware Engineer, App Developer, Project Engineer, Software Tester, Web Designer, Networking Engineer, etc. After completing the course students have various options, either they can move to the higher program in computer engineering or they can choose job careers.

Duration – 3-year course after 12th (Science)
Eligibility – After the 12th Science field.

Topics covered in the Diploma in Computer Engineering Course?

  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Digital Electronics
  • C Programming
  • PC Hardware and Networking Lab
  • Software Engineering
  • Linux and DBMS lab
  • Web Programming
  • CASP

Why do you want to choose the Diploma in Computer Engineering Course as a career?

  • Interested in programming and languages
  • Good knowledge of hardware & software.

Diploma in Information Technology

What work can you do after an Information Technology Course?

After you finished your Diploma in Information Technology you can go for areas like Boeing, Airtel & BSNL, Qualcomm & Tata Elixir, Sasken Communications, Siemens, BEL, Hutchison & Vodafone, VSNL & Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Alcatel, ASUS & Cisco Systems and there is a chance to get a job like Training Coordinator, Information Systems Manager, Mainframe Developer, Senior Technical Consultant, Quality Inspector, Assist. Manager – Information Technology etc.

Duration – 1-year course after 12th (Science).
Eligibility – After the 12th Science field.

Topics included in the Diploma in Information Technology Course?

  • Elements of Mechanical Design
  • Professional Communication
  • Computer Organization
  • Computer Networks
  • System Analysis & Design
  • Operating Systems
  • Multimedia Technology
  • Computer Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • Internship & Training etc.

Why do you want to choose the Diploma in Information Technology Course as a career?

  • You have good IT Skills.
  • You have good technical skills.
  • You are interested in IT.
  • You want to work on it.

Diploma in Animation & VFX

Animation courses are becoming one of the fields of expectation. It’s a part of graphics designing. But most of the students are opting for this field as a field of specialization. A 1-year Animation & VFX diploma course is available in India in almost all cities. So, if you want to increase your love for drawing and sketch your imagination, then this course is perfect for you.

After the course is finished, you can get into any of the following career options.

  • VFX Professional (freelance)
  • VFX Expert
  • Film Animation
  • Visual Effects Expert
  • Trainer
  • Creative Head

Diploma in Web Designing & Development

This is also a short-term program of 3 to 6 months but it may be expanded to 1 year as a Diploma Course. This field of Computer Science is all about the creation and preservation of websites. Even a small company has its own website as the internet of things is growing speedily in today’s scenario. So, this field obviously has a boost. After the course is finished, you can get into any of the following career options.

  • Web designer (independent)
  • Web designer (Agencies/MNCs)
  • Web Developer
  • UEX Designer
  • Graphics Designer

Diploma in Software Engineering

In this section, you will have to gain expertise in computer languages. If you get an expert in one language, you can easily learn others too. And from here, you can be a Software Developer also. Short term courses for this type of expertise are not recommended because they only give you basic information which will not be sufficient for a good job in the future.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a vast and wide field and also it is one of the unique courses available in the computer field. It covers many subfields in it such as SEO, Content writing, Social Media, Email marketing, associated marketing, Lead Generation, Analytics, A/B testing, SMO, Brand management etc. This field can be an advantage for you if you want to promote your brand and run a business or definitely run a business by your own blog etc. After the course is completed, you can get into any of the following career options.

  • Digital Marketer (independent)
  • Digital Marketing professional (work for agencies)
  • Online Brand Management professional
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO professional (independent/ work for agencies)
  • SEO consultant
  • Digital Marketing instructor

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing Course gives you a stage to show your creativity. So, If you are a creative one, you can utilize your talent here. Graphic Designing is being used everywhere, it has applications in many fields. After the course is finished, you can get into any of the following career options.

  • Graphics designer (independent)
  • Graphics designer (Corporate team)
  • Brand identity manager
  • Printing specialist
  • Creative director
  • Graphic designer (at Digital magazines and other publishing firms)

Diploma in Mobile Application Development

This is a period of mobile phones and their application. The use of Mobile phones and its application has increased speedily, these days. The trend of App development has generated a huge demand for Mobile Applications and its development. The short-term diploma course after the 12th course in this field has a duration of 6 months, but it may differ from institute to institute. After the course is finished, you can get into any of the following career options.

  • Application designer
  • User Interface designer
  • Application developer
  • Entrepreneur
  • App tester

Diploma in CADD (Computer-Aided Design & Drawing)

This field of Computers requires technical education. But if students have attentiveness in the Technical field, then they can pursue this course after 12th also. Engineering students with streams like Mechanical, Electrical will find this course beneficial for them.

Diploma in MS Office Certification Program

MS office is one of the most used applications of computers. Some of the most used applications of Microsoft office are – MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint You must have heard about it and no doubt that you have worked on them also. In this course, you will learn some of the advanced features of these applications.

Hospitality Industry, Restaurants, schools, colleges, etc have a huge demand for MS Office experts for handling huge data.

Diploma in Hardware Engineering

A computer will work properly if its software, as well as its hardware, is in the exact condition. But like software, hardware too may have issues and it causes a problem for the user. Here, we require a Hardware Engineer.

The Hardware Engineering courses are connected to computer hardware (external components of a computer i.e. for example, monitor, CPU, etc). After the course is finished, available career options include jobs in service stations and private computer firms.


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