Animation courses after 12 in Chandigarh

Animation is the process of giving life to stable images. It creates a sense or an illusion of motion in static images by photographing the subject matter one frame at a time and afterward, it displays the images in quick series at high frames per second.

The students who are interested in creating animations like generating lighting, backgrounds and creating special characters can choose animation courses after 12th in Chandigarh. There are several 2-years associate and 3/4-years bachelor’s degree courses in animation. Generally, animation courses do not require any essential skills or knowledge but students should have a basic working knowledge of computers and must be capable of utilizing colors, graphics, and sounds. It is one of the creative fields where a learner should choose their own high imagination qualities and fast improvisation skills. A learner who selects an animation course learns the traditional digital techniques like stop-motion, claymation, 2-D and 3-D animation.

Eligibility – The students who have passed 10+2 (streams – Science, Commerce or Arts) from a recognized board are eligible to pursue the animation course. There are no minimum marks criteria for this course but in some cases, institutes demand 50% marks.

If you are searching for the best animation courses after 12th? You are actually standing at the crossroad of chances as far as your choice is concerned. There are various opportunities on offer, from B.A and B.Sc graduate courses to specialized certificate and diploma courses in animation in chandigarh. Click and discover the best animation courses after class 12th and find all the information you may want right from admission to placement.

Degree Courses

  • B. Sc (Multimedia)
  • B. Sc (Multimedia and Animation)
  • B.Sc (Animation)
  • B.Design (Multimedia)
  • B.Design (Multimedia)
  • B.Sc Graphic Design
  • BA in 3D Animation and Visual Effects (BA [AVFX])
  • BA in VFX animation
  • BFA (Animation)

Advanced diploma courses

  • Graduate Diploma in Print, Broadcast, multimedia journalism or online
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • 3D Game development and programming
  • ACGPS (Advanced CG Pipeline) Specialization
  • Advanced diploma in 3D animation
  • Advanced diploma in animation and gaming
  • Advanced diploma in Digital Animation
  • Advanced diploma in Game Art
  • Animaster Maya Professional
  • Animation Film Making

Certificate courses

  • Certificate Course in Adobe Photoshop
  • Certificate Course in Adobe Illustrator
  • Certificate Course in Adobe In Design
  • Certificate Course in Adobe Premiere
  • Certificate Course in Particle Illusion
  • Certificate Course in Flash
  • Certificate Course in Director
  • Certificate Course in Anime Studio
  • Certificate Course in Dream weaver

Animation Courses Skills and Qualities

Necessarily, to become an animator, one should have a number of few qualities and skills –

  • Powerful Observation
  • Concentration
  • Minute Attention
  • Drawing
  • Sketching
  • Creativity
  • Software skills
  • Team-spirit

This article provides you a complete guide for Animation and various related courses in India in this particular field. It lists and talks in detail about numerous animation courses you can pursue after finishing your 12th and after your graduation.


The animation is an art which plays a very important role in the business world as well as touches the lives of general masses. In this world of digital marketing, a lot of animation is used on the internet for advancement among the target audience. We come across animation on other mediums such as print media and television as it is one of the most adaptable and flexible means. The requirement for animation arises as a form of an excellent means of interactivity that helps to communicate the concept of any kind to a large number of audiences, whether young or old.

People accept that it is the medium that can bring ideas or thoughts to real life through character outlining. Animations are made by puting time and effort besides money in a storyline. This storyline has to be well scripted to keep the audience engaged and enveloping to the end. Animation has been used since ages to approach the general masses. For a generation, we have been watching characters like Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom, and Jerry, etc. which have lived in our memories more than any text we might have read recently.

Career and Job Opportunities Under Animation Courses

Unlike in old times, the demand for animators in the industries is increasing speedily. Animators are now required in different sectors of the economy.

Owing to such high demand, the number of job opportunities and career prospects is also enhancing in the field of Animation.

Below, we have stated a few of the career fields where Animators can advance.

  • A Director
  • Script Writer
  • Illustrator
  • Digital Painter
  • Modeler
  • Editor
  • Production Designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Animator
  • Compositor

Animators can also select to work under firms and industries. Some of the sectors with a high demand for animators include

  • Animation Studios
  • Film Production Houses
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Game developing Firms
  • Media Agencies
  • Post-production Houses
  • Web Entities

Job Prospects, Scope and Salary

A decade back, animation courses were not so famous among the Indian students. With the growth of Indian animation films and cartoons, the animation courses in India started to gain popularity. The film production units along with the animation companies are investing huge amounts of money to improve the quality of animation in India. They have realized the possibility that animation has in the Indian market. So, there is a need for qualified and skillful animators in the industry.

The animation is not just about sketching, drawing, and giving life to characters. It is much more than that. A good animator has to go through various stages and processes before releasing a good piece of animation. The job profiles of an animator are –

1. Layout Artist
2. Product Designer
3. Digital Painter
4. Editor
5. Illustrator
6. Director
7. StoryBoard Artist
8. Script Writer
9. Animator

There are freelance work opportunities for animators. They can also start their own journey or work for companies in domains like Advertising Agencies, Film Production Houses, Computer and Mobile Game Developers, Animation Studios or Media Agencies.

The starting salary of an animator ranges from 10k-15k. With experience, the salary transmission capacity increases to 25k-10k. A good animator can also earn a high amount of 50k-60k.

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