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Accounts Coaching Classes in Chandigarh offers Accounts Coaching for Class 12th for CBSE, ICSE, AND PSEB board students. Accounts Academy in Chandigarh has designed 11th 12th Class Tuition in such a way that it will clear all the basic fundamental concepts of CBSE 11th 12th class syllabus for those students who wish to excel & score good rank in CBSE 11th 12th Examination. Accounts Coaching Classes in Chandigarh is one of the best tutoring institutes for Class 11th & 12th Commerce students. Our teachers cover here apart from teaching and also work as their instructors.

Our unique study method combines modern practice techniques and our accounts programs are easy to design in coaching classes. Our training for those accounts helps the student overcome all confusions about accountancy. The study involves accounting laws, fraud detection, managerial accounting, and auditing in the study. Motivated accountants generally take their accounting courses through a full degree program. Traverse the contents of general accounting classes by studying accountancy.

Our Accounts Training

  • Accounts Classroom Training
  • Accounts Mock Test
  • Accounts daily Practice
  • Accounts Problem Solving Classes
  • Accounts Weekly Practice Test
  • Accounts Result

Some common concepts we hear here involve auditing procedures and standards, cost analysis, financial statements, and reporting, tax deductions and liabilities, international accounting, business or tax research methods, global economy, etc. Solve all your confusion with the Accounts Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. In our accountancy coaching classes in Chandigarh, you get the full solution for the accounts. Students learn the business side of accounting in this classical classroom, such as direct handwriting, bookkeeping, numerous equations, and liabilities. Involves original accounting principles and how they relate to making statements. This accounting course is a must for any accounting major in our tuition classes. We also provide all the subjects for commerce stream 11th & 12th students like Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, English, and Mathematics


  • To attain apex in sharing knowledge, training students in accountancy and related domains, and to provide professional guidance for their success.


  • To provide students with quality-oriented personalized attention by delivering educational solutions and to see they prosper their career.


  • The teaching methodology is designed in such a way to realize how learning accountancy is made so easy, with an ultimate goal to attain the untold secret of success in every walk of life.

Syllabus for Class 11th Accountancy

Accountancy syllabuses differ from schools affiliated to one board of education to schools affiliated to another board. While there may be some differences across syllabuses advised by several education boards, the core study areas remain the same. Here are the things that commerce students have to cover in Class 11th.

  • Theoretical Framework – Benefits, Importance, Objectives, and Limitations of Accounting, Basic Accounting Terms
  • Theory Base of Accounting – presumption, Principles, Accounting Standards, Double Entry System
  • Recording of Transactions
  • Debit and Credit Rules
  • Journal
  • Cash Book
  • Purchase or buy Book, Sales Book, Purchases Returns Book & Sales Returns Book
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Ledger
  • Objectives and Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Depreciation
  • Provisions and Reserves
  • Promissory Note and Bills of Exchange
  • Accounting Treatment of Bill Transactions
  • Rectification of Errors
  • Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trading and Profit and Loss Account
  • Sole Proprietorship Trading, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Limitations and Uses of Incomplete Records
  • Statement of Affairs Method for regulating Profit & Loss
  • Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations
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Syllabus for Class 12th Accountancy

Here partnership firms and companies will come into the picture. What are the main subjects?

  • Accounting for partnership firms: Partnership deeds, preparation of profit and loss accounts, admission of a partner, retirement, and death of a partner, and dissolution of a partnership firm.
  • Accounting for the organization: Accounting for share capital and accounting for debentures will be clear here.
  • Analysis of financial statements: The students are taught how to analyze financial statements using various tools such as ratio analysis.
  • Cash flow statement

Besides the students are also given classes in computerized accounting.

Books followed in the Accounts Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

  • D.K. GOEL

Importance of Accounts Coaching Classes in 12th Class?

The majority of class 12 students would answer this question by saying that it is essential to get a good score in the subject. Which is perfectly true. But by focusing on a broader aspect, you will realize the following.

Preparing for accountancy for class 12 will:

  • Enhance your chances of getting admissions to a good institute that broaden your exposure and knowledge
  • Keep your foundation strong
  • Broaden your skills set and competency
  • Gain your confidence
  • Train you to be able to understand advanced accounting concepts with ease method
  • Offer you opportunities that can make you a versatile accountant in the future
  • Help you get a job in some of the best financial consultant companies due to the rising demand for accountants
  • Help you get one step closer to writing the common proficiency test (CPT)
  • Help you get one step closer to becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA)

Teaching Methodology:

  • One to one attention (individual attention) is a great favor in Accounts Coaching Classes in Chandigarh.
  • All illustrations and exercises in a textbook & practice manual will be explained.
  • Students are given instructed to do all exercise problems and submit. Corrections will be made then and there. If required related concepts will be explained once again, where the students find it difficult to solve the exercise problems.
  • Mock tests will be directed for each chapter and if needed for each concept.
  • Questions that appeared in previous year’s question papers will also be solved or explained.
  • Parents are informed then and there concerning wards performance

How should you prepare for accounts in class 12th?

Accountancy has both theoretical topics and practice-based topics in every chapter. There are six exact steps to be followed while preparing for accounts in class 12th.

Step 1: Study the theory – definitions, conceptual explanations, applications and p 4: Work on questions at the end of every chapter – at the end of the third step, you must be comparatively thorough with a chapter and its concepts. Now is the best time to work on the problems, questions, and adjustments that are available at the end of every chapter of the textbook. This will not only make you comprehensively thorough but will also demonstrate various kinds of questions that can be asked in the exam.

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Step 5: Analyze past year’s papers – past year’s papers on accountancy for class 12th is available on 2 main sources, the internet, and books by many authors. Sometimes, the last few pages of your accountancy textbook could also have several year’s papers. By checking these papers, you can get a clear-cut idea and outline of:

  • Question paper format
  • Emphasized topics
  • Allocation of marks
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Answer expectation

Step 6: Solve sample papers – numerous students think that analyzing the past year’s papers are sufficient in conducting a good score. But sample papers are equally essential when offered by the right source. These sample papers will give you information and updates on:

  • Any changes in the question paper format
  • Any predicted questions
  • Changes in answer expectations
  • Changes in answer pattern

After following these steps, you will know that you are not only prepared with the right answers but also prepared for any changes or surprises that may happen in the examination hall. You would have learned to manage time, maintain your confidence, work efficiently, and stay aware.

Benefits of Accounts Coaching Classes in Chandigarh for 11th 12th Classes

Commerce students who have ambitions and aspirations for prosperous careers in the world of accounting only have one year to familiarize themselves with the basic accounting concepts; Class 11. While there are advanced concepts to learn in Class 12, candidates must grasp the basics in Class 11 to make sure that they don’t face any problems in understanding advanced concepts in the future. With an accounts home tutor, candidates can gain greater insights into accounting concepts and learn them thoroughly.

Classroom teaching at school may not always be efficient as teachers have limited time to explain concepts. However, a home tutor can take as much time as needed to explain concepts thoroughly. Regular Practice: Your accounts teacher at school may be great, but they cannot ensure that you are practicing regularly. There are two-parts of accountancy; the theoretical side and the practical side. What you learn in your accounts theory section will be of less use if you cannot use it practically. Coaching classes helps in this regard as they can assign tasks and homework for students that they need to submit regularly.

School teachers also mostly rely on the advised school textbook for examples and problems. However, a home tutor has the freedom to use any resource they see fit and may also come up with problems that students have to solve. Correspondence with Parents: School teachers remain under a lot of pressure for the whole academic session and apart from the two or three parent-teacher meetings scheduled by the school, they don’t get many chances to speak to parents. However, a home tutor can keep parents up-to-date regarding the performances of their children. Parents can use this information to motivate their children to practice more and they can also be more aware of the difficulties their children are facing with regards to accountancy.

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Careers in Accounting

Finding a job in the accounting field is one of the decisions. Accounting is a field that will always be in demand and it is a field that you can continue to develop and move up inside your organization. There are various positions you can find in the accounting field. Careers in the accounting field can differ from entry-level positions to executive level. Choose the accounting career you are most interested in learning what it requires, what education you may require, and the salary you can potentially earn.

Jobs in Accounting

  • Accountant
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounting Manager
  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budget Analyst
  • Certified Internal Auditor
  • Chief Financial Officer – CFO
  • Comptroller/Controller
  • CPA
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Government Accounting
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Staff Accountant
  • Tax Accountant

Why us for Accounts Coaching Classes in Chandigarh?

Accounts Coaching Classes in Chandigarh apply ease techniques to train our students and make smooth command over the desired subject. We have a practical approach and follow the 360-degree feedback system, to maintain hygiene in our Service Delivery Eco system. We prefer to deliver Quality students/professionals instead of delivering a lump of students reaching nowhere! Accountancy coaching classes in Chandigarh have the best and experienced teachers, offering students total insight and ample knowledge of the subject.

Exclusive Study Material

  • Properly compiled study material is our specialty which contains
  • Complete course topic-wise,
  • The easy language that helps in remembering the concepts,
  • Flow charts,
  • Diagrams,
  • Tabular representation,
  • Solved and unsolved questions,
  • Fast Track Revision section,
  • Important points to remember,
  • Do’s and Don’ts for the exam.

All these spotless features make this study material exclusive.

Routine Feedback & Tests

  • Surprise tests and feedback are important to make sure the student has understood the concept thoroughly. We believe in a quality product, therefore students are given regular tests and feedback on their work.
  • Our modernistic system will take the test of our students online and make sure that the result of the feedback is given immediately.

Doubt solving sessions

  • Our teaching sessions and methods are different and simple giving students no doubts about any concepts.

If there is any query or doubt, our doubt solving session or one to one sessions with students will work wonders to solve the problem of the students. Examples of the concepts should be studied to lay strong foundations for the chapter before moving next to complex adjustments.

Step 2: Solve accounting problems – after having enhanced the base knowledge for the chapter, you can go ahead with working on simple-moderate accounting problems. These accounting problems will have terms or concepts that have been explained in the theoretical expansion of the chapter.

Step 3: Practice computerized accounting – repeatedly practicing accounting on a spreadsheet or DBMS or even on software like Tally can make a huge difference in keeping what you studied and can lead to a better understanding of treating some accounting adjustments.

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