Distance MCA Education in Ambala

Distance MCA Education in Ambala

Distance MCA Education in Ambala: MCA or Master of Computer Applications is a postgraduate information technology course. A computer application is the use of computers to solve a specific problem or to complete a job for the end-user. For example, common business computer applications include sales order processing, inventory control, and payroll. It is known as MCA, which is an abbreviation for Master Computer Applications. The duration of the Master of Computer Applications is three years, divided into several semesters which are typically six in number. Generally, the 1 year curriculum is aimed at skill development in computers using various technologies, the second year is more focused on providing conceptual frameworks and the third year provides the specialization and project work. Master of Computer Applications is a computer science degree whose curriculum is primarily based on the development of application software in diverse areas.

What is MCA?

The Master of Computer Application is a program that comes with a duration of 3 years and is aimed at candidates who are prepared to take a deep dive into the development of computer applications with the support of the contemporary programming language. Correspondence Students pursuing the MCA course are given the opportunity to develop modern software with the help of state-of-the-art tools and techniques. The program spans six semester times where students learn skills development in computers in the first year, teach a conceptual study outline in the second year, and provide expertise and necessary project work in the third year. There are sufficiently qualified professionals in the field of information technology to be produced by many colleges that offer a master of computer application across the country. A degree in MCA becomes a useful weapon when pursued full-time by a college/institute which is accredited by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and UGC (University Grants Commission). From which we present you all the necessary details that candidates should know about the MCA program starting from scratch till the end in complex details.

Distance MCA Education in Ambala Eligibility

  • Any graduate who has passed or appearing for the final year degree examination in any discipline (Science, Commerce, Arts, Engineering, or any approved University) is eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must have mathematics as a subject in their 10+2 course or any one year of graduation. BCA-qualified candidates can also pursue correspondence MCA.
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Distance MCA Education in Ambala Syllabus

The MCA is a 3-year course that covers the entire 6 semesters and follows a semester-based system. The basic curriculum of the typical MCA program includes topics such as network and database management, mobile technology, electronics, financial accounting, statistics, mathematics, Java programming, cloud computing, and more. We tried to offer courses after most colleges and universities. Go through the Master of Computer Applications Syllabus provided according to semesters and know what to cover.

Semester I

  • Problem Solving Techniques using C
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Digital Electronics and Microprocessor
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • C Programming Lab
  • Accounting Lab

Semester II

  • Data Structures
  • Computer Networks
  • Database Management System
  • Operating System
  • DBMS Lab
  • Data Structures Lab

Semester III

  • File Structures
  • Statistical Analysis
  • File Structures Lab
  • Theory of Computation
  • Soft Core – Quantitative, Teaching and Research Aptitude
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML Lab

Semester IV

  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Advanced Java Programming Lab
  • Soft Core – Soft Skills and Personality Development
  • Advanced Algorithms Lab

Semester V

  • Advanced Web Programming
  • Advanced Database Management Systems
  • Open Elective
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Web Programming Lab
  • Mini Project

Semester VI

  • Elective – I
  • Elective – II
  • Main Project

Distance MCA Education in Ambala Specializations

Aspirants who are seeking admissions in the Master of Computer Application program from a well-reputed university of their choice must know the further specializations that they can choose in this field. Candidates are offered these specializations once they reach the 3rd year of MCA tenure. The specialization offers candidates a chance to build deeper expertise and skill set into a particular subdomain of the correspondence MCA program for better future prospects. Check the specialization which one can do in the correspondence MCA program.

Specializations in MCA:

· Application Software

· Hardware Technology

· Systems Management

· Networking

· Systems Engineering

· Troubleshooting

· Management Information Systems (MIS)

· Software Development

· Systems Development

Why Distance MCA Education in Ambala?

  • MCA is a two-years PG course designed for aspirants who want to excel in the world of technology. Master of Computer Applications is thriving with endless opportunities in both the public and private sectors.
  • The MCA job sector is booming with 2,05,000 new job opportunities every year, and it has a steady growth of 7.7% every year.
  • MCA candidates have unlimited job opportunities in a variety of industries/sectors as well as job roles.
  • After completing correspondence MCA, candidates will get a quick placement with a minimum salary of a minimum INR 4 LPA.
  • Promising distance MCA candidates can also expect to get hired by the world-best MNCs and IT companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc., where they can expect a minimum salary of INR 13LPA which will grow rapidly over time.
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Distance MCA Education in Ambala Suitability

  • MCA is perfectly suited for BCA graduates because they already have a foundation suited to pursue this degree.
    Correspondence MCA is a course designed for various organizations to specifically meet the IT needs of IT-trained students.
  • Those seeking advanced education in the planning, design, and construction of complex business application software and system software should pursue this degree.
  • Distance MCA is also meant for those graduates who want a productive career in the software industry or academia.

How is MCA Course Beneficial?

  • The Master of Computer Applications provides the full professional aesthetic that is required for a successful career in the IT industry.
  • An MCA graduate can work for any IT company, big or small, as a system developer and various other roles.
  • They can become teachers and lecturers as per their educational qualification on a private basis and can go for a permanent job after passing certain degrees (B.Ed and UGC-NET).

MCA Course Preparation Tips:

Create a study plan:

Candidates should make a proper preparation plan to pass the exam with good marks. Preparation will help you reduce unnecessary pressure and adequate training. You need to plan and divide the time according to your strength and weakness in each subject and try to give more time to the weak subjects. Refer to previous years' question papers that can help you in your preparation and at the same time, you will get an idea about the syllabus and exam pattern.

Key Points to be covered while preparing:

Candidates are required to have excellent knowledge in Computer Basics, Data Structures, Basic Programming Skills, and Computer Architecture before appearing in the examination. Also, be proficient in computer language and operating system basics.

Reference Books: Several reference books for MCA for the benefit of aspirants are listed as under:

  • MCA entrance exam book by J.V. Subramanyam
  • Upkar’s MCA
  • Arihant MCA Entrance Test by Amit M. Agarwal
  • Excel With Objective Book for NIMCET by J.B Dixit, Ruchi Sharma, and Ashish Mangal
  • Numerical Ability and Mathematical Aptitude by Dr. A.B. Rao
  • The Pearson MAT Super Course
  • Wren and Martin English Grammar
  • MCA Test by Anil Kumar Garg
  • Barron’s Military Flight Aptitude Tests by Terry L. Duran
  • Mathematics by R.S.Agarwal
  • The Aptitude Test Workbook by Jim Barrett
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Scope of Distance MCA Education in Ambala

Before deciding to take admissions in Master of Computer Application, candidates must know in detail about the future scope of this postgraduate program. There are a wide variety of job opportunities for MCA graduates in the employment sectors such as Information Technology, Desktop publishing, Banking, NBFC (Non-banking financial company), cloud networking, cloud computing, digital marketing, logistics, Web Designing & Development, E-Commerce, Design Support, And Data Communications, Consultancies, Simulation, Security and Surveillance Companies, Stock Exchange, System Maintenance, etc. The reason is that these professionals are well versed in the field of software/application development and have prior knowledge of working on different types of programming languages. Therefore their demand in the industry is increasing.

Careers opportunities after Distance MCA Education in Ambala

After completing MCA, aspiring candidates in various corporations on different job roles in all industries can get employment for a better future. Some of the job roles after a full master of computer application are listed here for better reference.

· App Developer – Responsible for the development, management, and design of mobile applications for platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

· Technical Writers - Writing documents which involve explaining the technical procedures such as product description, product manuals, etc.

· Trouble-shooters – Ensuring smooth and simultaneous working of hardware and software for a timely delivery.

· Social Media Handler – Handle social media accounts for the promotion of products and services amongst the audience.

· Web Designer/DeveloperResponsible for designing a website using creative skills on platforms such as world wide web, HTML, photoshop, etc.

· Business Analyst – An analysis of business opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and strengths to start and operate a business easily.

· Database Engineer – Accountable for controlling the operation, validity, and relevance of complex database systems.

· Ethical Hacker – Experts who hijack a computer system to detect and discover system vulnerabilities that might otherwise be exploited by another hacker.

· Hardware Engineer – Produces hardware equipment, installs and scrutinizes the system to make sure that the internet functions smoothly.

· Manual Tester – Physically test the software to make it fit for the end-user.

"Distance MCA Education in Ambala"

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