Distance MA Education in Ambala

Distance MA Education in Ambala

Distance MA Education in Ambala: An MA in Education is a degree program designed to inculcate the required knowledge and skills. It is important to note that due to the IT boom, knowledge is growing rapidly. Professionals in teaching are expected to take up an active role in upgrading their skills and knowledge. It helps them in the efficient and effective transaction of the content. The importance of developing one's career at a high level cannot be underestimated by teachers and other professionals. Education is one of the upcoming industries in many countries of the world and there is a need for skilled manpower. This program will play a very important role in bridging the gap between the demand and supply of skilled personnel.

Objectives of Distance MA Education in Ambala

The Master of Arts (Education) aims to develop professionals for effective participation in educational activities in various fields of education. The program is innovative. It emphasizes both the disciplinary and professional aspects of education as a field of study. The target group is a graduate with or without a degree in education. M.A Education program is designed for students who aspire to be educational administrators, trainers, and researchers. The program aims to impart the necessary knowledge and skills, which is a prerequisite to manage a dynamic education system and knowledge-based society in the contemporary situation. Upon completion of this course, students will acquire sound knowledge and a depth understanding of the educational system and its pivotal role in social transformation.

The thrust areas on which the program attempts to focus could be listed as:

1.Philosophical Foundations of Education: The coursework will enable the learner to understand and analyze the philosophical framework and its implications for educational practices.
2.Sociological foundations of Education: The coursework will develop an understanding in the learner about the impact of social cohesion, national and international understanding on educational institutions and society.
3.Psychological Foundation of Education: The coursework will acquaint the learner with aspects of growth and development, the relevance of learning theories in education, and the measurement of various mental abilities and traits.
4.Research and Development: The coursework will acquaint the learners with an in-depth understanding of educational research as a process with its implications for further research and strengthening of educational practices.
5.Educational Technology and ICT: The coursework will develop skills in learners to use different modes of communication and instructional material with effectiveness.

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What is Distance MA Education in Ambala

MA Education or Master of Arts [Education] is a 2-year graduation course. The Course full-length is generally having 4 semesters, but it can vary upon Institutions Rules and Regulations. To be eligible for this course, the candidate must have a bachelor's degree.MA Education is available in both options which are regular and distance learning.

The ideology of the course is based on the concept of providing easy and convenient education to the students with the help of technology and concept techniques. For MA Education, the candidate must complete a minimum of 2-years and a maximum of 5-years.
This time may vary according to the policies and syllabus of various organizations. There are various job possibilities available after the successful finish of the course.

Syllabus of Distance MA Education in Ambala?

The syllabus of MA Education is mentioned in the table below:


  • Philosophy of education
  • Psychology of education
  • The methodology of educational research
  • Curriculum studies
  • Environmental Education (elective)


  • Sociology of Education
  • Advanced Educational psychology
  • Educational Statistics
  • Comparative Education
  • Peace Education (elective)


  • School Administration and Management
  • History and Contemporary Issues
  • Personality Development
  • Peace Education or Guidance and Counseling or Educational Measurement and Evaluation-I
  • Teacher education/ Research Proposal


  • Life-Long Education
  • Environmental Education
  • The Human Rights Education Organization and administration of guidance services in India
  • Educational measurement and evaluation-I
  • Dissertation

Eligibility for Distance MA Education in Ambala?

The eligibility criteria for MA Education is mentioned below:

Bachelor's degree in any discipline including Physics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Commerce, Management, etc. from a recognized university with 50% marks. This percentage requirement may vary from organization to organization. Some institutions offer direct admission based on graduate-level performance but most institutions offer their own specialized university entrance exams.

Benefits of MA distance learning courses

MA distance education is really helpful for those who are already working professionals and delivering their skills to good companies. Experts can add more career opportunities by completing this course. Even many individuals are taking the advantage of this higher study while doing a job somewhere just to get a promotion as well as new opportunities in major organizations. This higher education always expands the career opportunities for hardworking professionals who want to achieve a higher life. Any eligible candidate can choose this distance and higher education with a current job or other responsibilities as distance education courses are more flexible and do not force you to do anything else in life.

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MA Distance education in Ambala proves to be very beneficial for many students who cannot study in a brick-and-mortar educational institution because the institution is too far or they have started working early to sponsor their family. Here are a few top benefits of entering one of the distance learning colleges.

1. Students can conveniently continue their education along with their job.

2. They can save more money by staying at home. Distance learning courses are usually more affordable than a regular on-campus degree.

3. They can also save a great amount of time by not traveling.

4. They can learn at their own pace. In a classroom, when everyone is taught together, it can be difficult for many to be on the same page with others.

5. Institutes for distance education allow their students to study whenever and wherever. They usually offer flexible timings. Students can study from their living room or somewhere else.

What is MA Education Admission Process?

As admission to the MA Education Program, both entry exams and merit-based are available. Some universities offer direct admissions and admissions-based admissions to the program, otherwise, an entrance exam is required which should be mentioned on the website of the particular college. Thus, Different colleges have a different perspective of evaluation, but mostly is if a student scores above 50% in an entrance exam then his chances to get into the college is quite high.

  • Candidates who are applying for the MA Education program must be having their results from the respective
  • Entrance Exams required by the selected Universities.
  • Candidates can fill the admission form either from the college website or offline, by visiting the college campus.
  • Candidates have to fill in the required details along with the existing documents.
  • Candidates are highly advised to have a look up on the list of Entrance Exams which are applicable for MA as per different Universities.
  • Candidates must make sure that they qualify in the education eligibility criteria with the minimum required marks as per the particular evaluation process
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How to Prepare for MA Education Entrance Exams?

A candidate needs to have good skills and knowledge sets to qualify and graduate in MA Education. A few tips to help you develop for excellent performance in the course are given below:

  • Learning about the syllabus once the candidate is enrolled in the course: The very first step is to download a copy of the syllabus from the respective college website available. Having a brief knowledge of the syllabus can help one to know the depth of the subject which is included in the course.
  • Reading Reference Books: Do read a lot of reference books which are extremely essential for the knowledge of the course as it helps the student to have a perfect usage of the ideas. Reading reference books also helps students to gain conceptual learning that makes it a lot easier for the student at the exam time.
  • The Golden rule of “Practice makes perfect”: Candidates should practice and revise all the concepts before the exam as many times possible so that the last moment stress can be buried away.

Why Choose Distance MA Education in Ambala?

Pursuing a Master of Arts Education (MA English) can also help make you a better teacher. These degrees focus on teaching someone how to become a teacher, with a strong emphasis on pedagogy, teaching methods, teaching philosophy, and educational technology.

Earning a Master of Arts in Education or Master of Arts in Teaching is also a great networking tool. As you go through your graduate career, you meet people who specialize in their field, can provide insights, and even connect you with exciting opportunities.

When an undergraduate degree gives you knowledge of a subject, MA in Education teaches you how to impart this knowledge to your students. Advanced degrees in teaching also incorporate the experience. Students will have the opportunity to teach in a classroom setting while receiving their degree, under the supervision of an experienced teacher. That way, when you graduate, you will have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a teacher.

Students doing their MA in Education meet a lot of people during their semesters as their teachers. Some graduates may go to work in the schools they were taught.

"Distance MA Education in Ambala"

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