Computer Courses in Chandigarh

Computer courses in Chandigarh by highly qualified faculty. A computer course is a beneficial venture in a student’s future with today’s technology. Computer literacy holds the key to vivid career scenario. We welcome all the aspirants who are enthusiastic to learn computer course. The organization is offering an ample range of computer courses in Chandigarh as per the requirements.

Computer courses in Chandigarh will give you the knowledge of MS office, Computer software skills, Computer hardware skills, networking, Programming in C & C++, Web designing, SEO training and many more. We provide short term computer courses in Chandigarh i.e of only 3-5 months, but these courses provide a strong policy for your bright career ahead. Our well-versed infrastructure and knowledgeable faculty is the centre strength of our training Institute in Chandigarh.

We do give a live and practical scenario to complete the training program.

Our training courses are of small durations but will provide you with profit in the long run.

Our computer courses in Chandigarh is useful for beginners, executives, housewives and even kids who want to study basic computers.

However those who desire to become computer operator can also join this course, this is a short term job oriented practical course, each and every student is provided individual computer and limitless practice hours to each student after the computer classes in Chandigarh.

Computer Course in Chandigarh is a suitable training module for aspirants looking for attaining deep knowledge on various computer courses. These courses include Computer software and hardware skills, MS Office, programming languages like C & C++, Web designing, Digital Marketing, Animation, and many more. We also provide 6 weeks industrial training in Chandigarh and other short term courses which paves your way for an extraordinary career in the future.

List of numerous Professional & Short term Computer courses in Chandigarh:

Web Development courses: There are so many programming and software development courses like C, C++, PHP, Java, Dot Net etc. These courses help students to get a job easily in the software development field. Nowadays, software developers are very much in demand in IT companies. A person who has a knowledge of development can also work at home through freelancing. Join PHP training in Chandigarh for learning deeply web development concepts.

Web Designing: Web designing courses is deal with various elements that help to design a website. Designing is a very interesting part of websites development. It consists of some coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP etc. Web designing course in Chandigarh help you to get a job easily and also you can work independently.

Basic Computer and Typing courses: All should have knowledge of basic computer. Microsoft Office provides various software that helps us in various fields. We know, we all have a basic knowledge of MS Word, Excel and power point. But, we don’t have full knowledge of all these. There are so many advanced features in all software. And on the basis of this software knowledge and also according to your typing speed, you get a job easily in a reputed company.

computer courses in chandigarhComputer hardware and Networking: Computer networking is the field of computer science that allows computers to exchange data or information. In networking, data can be exchanged with a wired system or with a wireless system. It’s a very interesting field and jobs are easily available. Companies approach students in networking as a Linux administrator, Network Administrator.

Short term courses in Chandigarh

Data Entry Courses: Data entry job is an easy job. Most of the companies require a data entry operator. This course is also helpful to get Govt. Jobs.

Accounting Courses: Numerous accounting courses provided by us to students according to their requirement. We provide national and international software training like Tally ERP9, QuickBooks, MYOB etc. It depends upon student requirements that which software they want to go. For more details about various Accounting courses in Chandigarh, then you can contact us.

Digital Marketing course: Digital marketing is the best approach to promote your business online. It’s a very easy approach and also a very interesting technique. A person who is not from a technical background can also learn this technology easily. It was also helpful to get a job easily.

Course Content And other Details

Basic Computer Details

Introduction to Computer History and Other

Computer Hardware and software

Computer Memory

Computer Parts

Folder/Copy/Paste/Open/Delete File

Operating System



Many More…



Basic Internet History

Internet and Intranet

Searching Website

How to work on Youtube and another website,

How to use Google in the study .

Internet Security

Email accounts

Many More…



Ms- Excel


Ms- Outlook

File Creating /Deleting/storing

Create template /slide/Presentation

Create spreadsheet/formula /Salary/and other account information

Many More…

HTML5 and CSS 3

Design And Mockup

HTML Form /Design/Paragraph/List/Marquee

CSS Margin / Padding/ Background/link

HTML CSS Using Landing Page

HTML CSS Style Page



Introduction to Photoshop

Photo Editing

Vector Mask


Short-cut keys

Color / Image Effect

Many more